10 Ways to Save Money this Summer

Summertime should be fun-time but you don’t have to empty your pockets to enjoy yourself.  Sometimes partaking in summertime activities costs a bit of money, but there are ways to save money this summer to keep your wallet in tact.  Today we have 10 simple tips to help you save more, spend less and still have a blast this summer!

Walk or Ride Bikes instead of Driving:  Using your body’s energy rather than an automobile is much more cost-effective and healthier too.  Wherever possible, walk or ride your bike to get places you need to go.  The exercise, fresh air and sunshine are all an added bonus.

10 Ways to Save Money this SummerGrow Your Own Food:  Growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is less expensive than buying them all summer.  If you don’t have a green thumb, start with the easiest fool-proof plants and expand your garden over time.  Don’t forget herbs such as basil and rosemary that can freshly flavor your summer dishes without breaking the bank.

Look for Coupons and Free Experiences:  Before you go anywhere, check websites for discount coupons.  Also, periodically look for free experiences such as complementary admissions to museums, concerts at local festivals or library events.  This can save lots of money on your summer entertainment budget.

Clean AC Vents and Use Fans: Approximately 50% of household energy comes from cooling and heating the home.  Make sure your air vents are clean so your AC operates more efficiently.  When activities and weather permits, turn off the AC and cool yourself with ceiling fans instead.

Consider Hiring a Teen for Household Chores:  While teenagers are out of school for the summer, hire them to mow your lawn or do other household chores that you may have otherwise hired a professional to do.  The teen will appreciate the extra cash and you’ll probably pay half the price.

Water Your Lawn in the Morning or at Night:  Water evaporates faster in sunlight.  Watering early in the morning or later at night will allow your grass, plants and trees to absorb more moisture and therefore reduce the amount of water needed.

Bring Your Own Food:  Stopping at a restaurant for meals when you’re out and about this summer can get expensive.  And concession stands at events are notoriously overpriced.  When permitted, bring your own snacks and picnic meals.  The extra effort and organization is worth the savings.

Leave Your Kids at Home for Efficiency:  Running errands without your kids is usually much faster and allows you to get more accomplished in one trip, saving on gas.  Also, kids tend to want things when they are at stores so avoid the confrontation by leaving them with another caregiver when possible.

Unplug Things You’re Not Using:  Household energy racks up electricity bills.  When you leave electronics plugged in, they draw energy even when you are not using them.  Unplug lamps, chargers and kitchen appliances when not in use to conserve energy and money.

Wait for End of Season Sales to Buy Things:  Clothes, furniture and other seasonal items tend to go on sale towards the end of summer.  Wait to make big purchases to take advantage of sales.  Usually seasonal sales begin after July 4 and even bigger savings are available around Labor Day.

Happy Summer and Happy Savings!

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