8 Ways to Create a Sexier Bedroom

8 Ways to Create a Sexier Bedroom

Getting in the mood for some cuddle time with your honey may take a lot of effort these days.  If your love life gets lost in the happy chaos of your life, you may need a little love boost.

We all know that our environment can alter the way we feel.  So, one of the best ways to a better love life is a sexier bedroom.   You’ll definitely want to involve all of your senses in your sexier bedroom to experience all of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches that love has to offer.

Today we’re sharing 8 ways to create a sexier bedroom:

Keep it Clean:  Nothing is a turn-off more than baskets full of laundry, piles of bills and dust bunnies filled with pet fur.  Make your bedroom a clutter-free zone for the sake of love.  Wash your sheets often, make your bed daily, hide laundry in your closet, move signs of kids and pets and stack papers elsewhere.  Your love nest needs to be an adult-zone designed for optimal sensuality.

Satin Sheets:  Tussling through silky sheets is about as romantic as it gets.  While nuzzling up with your partner is titillating, enhance the experience with satin sheets.  Select warm colors like light grey, lavender, camel, and subtle shades of green for the best visual experience as well.

Turn on Music:  Music can change your mood instantly. Agree on some romantic beats that will put both of you in the mood.  If you have different opinions of what gets you going, create a playlist and alternate picks.

Dim Lamps:  Lighting is important to set the right tone in your bedroom.  Kill the harsh overhead lights and use dim lamps instead.  Don’t exceed 60 watt bulbs and a lamp with a dimmer is always best.  Light colored shades will allow just the right amount of light for the occasion.

Scented Candles:  Of course candles are the most romantic type of light as long as you aren’t at risk of knocking them over.  Scented candles can add a stimulating aroma to your room.  Peppermint, musk, vanilla and jasmine are among the scents that elicit passion in the bedroom.

Breakfast in Bed:  A romantic breakfast in bed may end up tingling more than your taste buds.  Take turns preparing this tradition on lazy mornings.  If your partner needs a hint, buy him breakfast-in-bed trays as a gift.

Keep the Temperature Just Right:  If you’re too cold you’ll want to bundle up beneath the covers.  If you’re too hot, cuddling with your lover will become a sticky mess.  Set the thermostat to the ideal temp to keep both of you in the mood.

Make it Feel Like a Hotel:  So you’re not at the Ritz but you can use your imagination.  Place a bottle of water on your nightstands, turn down the sheets and leave a chocolate on your pillows.  These small touches may bring your back to your last vacation when you just couldn’t keep your hands off one another.

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