Breakfast Rules: How to get the Most out of Your Breakfast

Breakfast Rules:  How to get the Most out of Your BreakfastThe way you start your day is often an indicator of what type of day you will have.  Beginning your day with a healthy and strategic breakfast can get you off on the right foot for a bright and productive day.

Eating gives you energy, which is what our bodies need to operate at their best.  When you eat certain foods early in the day, you can set yourself up for a variety of health and wellness benefits including sustained energy, satiation, better blood flow, more physical stamina, better mental clarity and even weight loss.

Follow these breakfast rules to get the most out of your breakfast every morning:

1)      Never skip breakfast.  Even when your morning turns to chaos and you are running late, be sure to eat something for breakfast.  Just like your car cannot run on zero gas, your body is the same.  You need fuel to power your day and that’s breakfast.

2)      Eat soon after you wake up.  Eating revs your metabolism, which is how our bodies burn food for energy.  When you eat within an hour of waking up, you get your body going right away.  This helps burn more fat throughout the day too.

3)      Eat protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.  These three elements make up a balanced breakfast and will keep your body full for longer.  When we feel satiated, we are less likely to grab unhealthy snacks and therefore eliminate unnecessary calories.  Great breakfast proteins include Greek yogurt, eggs, turkey bacon, chicken sausage and milk.  Healthy fats such as eggs, cheese, olive oil and fish high in essential fatty acids are a wonderful choice, and whole grains and oats make terrific complex carbs.

4)      Limit sugar, salt and processed foods.  As tempting as they may be, most protein bars have a ton of sugar, salt and other chemicals.  If you have to grab one quickly, make sure you have plenty of natural bars available, such as those with only fruit, nuts and grains.  Stay away from sugary cereals, salty high-fat meats and other packaged breakfast items that are highly processed.

5)      Select whole grain options.  When it comes to breakfast cereals and breads, there are many choices.  Go for whole wheat or multi-grain when you have the option.  This includes cold and warm cereals, muffins, bagels, toast and tortillas.  You can greatly increase your nutritional and fiber intake by making this easy substitution.

6)      Drink lots of water.  Your body is essentially dehydrated from going all night without water.  You need to replenish first thing in the morning by drinking at least 2 glasses of water.

7)      And you can drink your breakfast too.  Smoothies are a fantastic on-the-go breakfast that you can make yourself.  Add a couple of fruits, at least one vegetable and some Greek yogurt or soy milk to ensure you’re packing a variety of nutrients into your liquid breakfast.  You can even scoop a natural superfood powder in for added nutritional value.


Stick to these breakfast rules and you’ll be bursting with energy every day!

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