10 Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers

After the Thanksgiving meal is complete and everyone is stuffed to the brim, you may look around your table and wonder what on earth you are going to do with all the leftovers.  Never fear, we have 10 ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers to re-create your Thanksgiving experience in new and exciting meals.

Sweet Potato & Turkey Soup:  Using the bones of your bird to make stock, you can create just about any type of soup from your leftovers.  One great idea for a day-after Thanksgiving soup is to puree your sweet potatoes and mix them with turkey stock and other leftover vegetables for a creamy, sweet and savory soup.

Turkey Nuggets:  Kids will delight in eating turkey nuggets for a few days after Thanksgiving.  Chunk some leftover turkey and coat it with an egg batter.  Then roll it in bread crumbs and bake to make a delicious nugget your kids can’t resist.

Turkey Pot Pie w/Mashed Potato Topping:  This amalgamation can include tons of your Thanksgiving leftovers in one simple dish.  Using a creamy soup base, combine bits of turkey, veggies and even stuffing.  Top with a thick layer of mashed potatoes.  This reheats nicely and keeps for several days after Thanksgiving.

Smoothies:  Ok, a turkey smoothie may not sound appealing, but use leftover vegetables to enhance the nutrients of your morning smoothie.  Combine peas, green beans or carrots with fresh fruit, yogurt and milk for a scrumptiously nutritious smoothie.

Cranberry Muffins:  Using your favorite muffin recipe (or even a box mix), add cranberry sauce to the mixture to give your muffins a sweet and tangy twist.

Turkey Anything:  Turkey may not be your “go to” meat at other times of the year, but it is terrific for just about anything you would otherwise use chicken or beef to create.  How does a turkey bolognaise spaghetti sauce sound?  Or maybe turkey marsala, turkey parmesan, bbq turkey or turkey tacos?  For the next week, any time you were planning to use a different meat, pull out the leftover turkey and save yourself a step.

Potato Pancakes:  Leftover potatoes can be used to make a savory potato pancakes.  Form potatoes into a patty and then pan sear them in olive oil or another natural healthy oil.  These are wonderful for any meal or snacks.

Thanksgiving Omelets:  Many Thanksgiving leftovers can be added to omelets for a reminiscent morning-after meal.  Try fun combinations of flavors and add cheese to make a tasty and healthy protein breakfast.

Thanksgiving Kabobs:  Kids will especially like eating Thanksgiving leftovers on a stick.  Using toothpicks, string together one bite of turkey, a carrot, a green bean, a ball of potatoes and a small piece of cornbread.  Serve over a scoop of stuffing to incorporate all your Thanksgiving flavors in a fun and creative way.

Thanksgiving Sandwiches:  When all else fails and you still have Thanksgiving leftovers, sandwiches are a great way to clean out the fridge.  You can make sliders using extra rolls, roll up leftovers in a wrap or make a traditional sandwich on two slices of bread.  Be sure to include all the usuals like turkey, stuffing, potatoes, veggies, and cranberry sauce for a last bite of the Thanksgiving meal.

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