3 Reasons to Learn Self Defense

Self defense is an important life skill for women.  While we all hope we never have to use it, knowing how to defend ourselves may determine a life-or-death outcome if you are faced with an attacker.  Some women choose to take self defense classes designed to teach defense moves against realistic criminal attacks by replicating assault scenarios.  Others opt for a longer methodical self defense path, such as martial arts.  Both are incredibly helpful as means of protection, physical improvement and has emotional benefits.  Today we’re exploring three reasons to learn self defense.


Anyone can be faced with a life-threatening situation at any time.  Crimes against women occur every day all over the world.  While we expect the best in others, we have to be prepared to protect ourselves in the event of a personal assault.  Knowing basic moves to defend yourself against an attacker can save your life.  Becoming a black belt martial artist or S.W.A.T. member doesn’t have to be your goal.  Simply learning blocks, punches, kicks and escape strategies may help you knock down someone who is trying to harm you and give you enough time to run away or find help.  Plus, you will develop greater awareness of your surroundings and ability to spot dangerous situations.

You can view self defense as a self-insurance policy.  Just as you would invest in life, home and property insurance, make the investment in protecting yourself from harm with self defense classes.  Not only is it important for you, but also those who love and depend on you.  Some crimes occur when children are in the care of their mothers so being able to ward off an attacker is also protecting your kids.  And even if children aren’t present during an attack, they deserve to have their mother safe and sound.

Physical Improvement

Finding time to take a self defense class may be difficult for you.  But if you think about it as your daily exercise you can skip the gym or your morning jog.  Learning self defense moves in a self defense class or with a private instructor can be a great workout.  You’ll challenge your body and brain to move in different ways than your typical workouts and you will probably work up a sweat.  Repeating moves over and over can be a great way to make self defense more strenuous and practicing on an opponent can intensify the exercise too.

For those who want to make self defense more of a lifestyle exercise choice, marital arts classes are a terrific way to incorporate both protection and physical improvement into your life.  In addition to cardiovascular and muscular work, marital arts improves flexibility, stamina, reflexes and balance.

Empowerment and Confidence

When you feel strong and have learned the skills necessary to defend yourself, there are some fabulous emotional byproducts.  Women often feel empowered and gain confidence from self defense classes.  Knowing you can stand up to an attacker may make you willing to try new things using smart precautions and being more aware of your surroundings.  These tools can spill over into other areas of your life too, making you more ambitious in your professional and personal life and sometimes changing your entire outlook.  Exuding confidence and feeling empowered makes you a wonderful role model to your children, friends and others around you as well.

Protect yourself and become a stronger person physically and emotionally by learning self defense!

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