4 Reasons to Recycle Your Bras

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Did you know, October is Bra Recycling Month!  Many people are aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Bra Recycling stands beside breast cancer and domestic violence advocacy by helping bring attention, purpose and action to these serious life-threatening causes.  By recycling bras in the month of October, women can support other women who struggle with very real issues that face millions of women and families every year.  Bra recycling supports women in many walks of life – mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, daughters – who are in a position of need.  After all, every woman needs a bra – from training bras to full figure bras, nursing bras to everyday bras.  We all need one!

This October, you can help!  That’s right.  You may not be able to devote funds to a cause.  You might not have time off work and family to participate in charity walks and events.  But you can donate a bra.  One bra, two bras, ten bras, all of your bras.  Whatever you have to donate, you’ll make a difference.  And it couldn’t be easier than donating through our friends at The Bra Recyclers.  Simply fill out a form on their website and send your bras to women around the country who need a little “lift.”

Still not convinced?  Here are 4 reasons to recycle your bra this month:

Recycling is Good for the Environment

recycle__1458741358_162.206.228.38Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We’ve heard it and seen it everywhere.  Many of us do what we can by recycling paper and plastic in our homes and work places.  But there’s more to it than that.  Most women don’t think about recycling bras because they are undergarments.  But they can indeed be recycled and they should.  By recycling bras, you delay a substantial amount of textiles from entering landfills, including the cloth, plastic and wires that often go into bras.  Think about how many bras you have and multiply that by the number of women in the world – that’s a lot of bras rotting away in landfills.  Help your environment; Rather than tossing your older bras in the trash, toss them in the mailbox or donation bin.


You Are Making Someone Else Very Happy

While you are protecting the environment against unnecessary waste, you’re also helping your community.  When it comes to wardrobes, bras are the most basic of needs for women.  For those who fall ill or find themselves in shelters, clothes are a necessity.  And like any part of a woman’s wardrobe, clothes have the ability to boost your confidence and bring a smile to your face.  Like a favorite pair of jeans, a supportive, comfortable bra can make you feel warm all over, and in many cases, return some dignity and femininity that may have gotten lost along a rough road.  Even if you cannot witness the prideful happiness first hand, you will know that your bra donation is boosting someone else in big ways.

Recycling is Good for the Soul

Studies show that doing good deeds for others, actually improves your life too.  When you “pay it forward” in life and act as a do-gooder, you’re a “feel-gooder” as well.  Helping others gives you a sense of purpose, gratitude for your own fortunes and pride in helping others in their community.  Through volunteer work, donating or simply showing kindness, you can feel happier about yourself and improve your own wellness.  It’s like a dose of medicine for your soul.

contour-bras-with-lisa-coleYou Get to Buy New Bras

Of course if you’re giving away bras, you’re going to need to buy a few new ones as well.  If you’re anything like us, that sounds awesome!  Everyone needs to clean out their lingerie drawer a few times a year to revaluate the way their bras fit and support their bodies.  Use this opportunity to donate bras you no longer need and purchase new bras from LeadingLady.com.  There’s never a bad time to pick out a sexy new full figure bra that will make you feel sassy and flirty.  Or perhaps you need some support at night and haven’t bothered to buy a proper sleep bra.  And is it even possible to have enough everyday bras?  We don’t think so.  While you’re helping others and feeling good about it, treat yourself too!

Happy Bra Recycling!

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