The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday: What to Wear & What to Bring

Black Friday is just a few days away.  Are you ready?  We’re all about helping you prepare for this major shopping event.  We’ve put together The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday to help you think through everything you need to make your Black Friday shopping trip a major success.

Dress for Success

First thing’s first, you gotta wear the right clothes.  Chances are you’re going to see something you love for yourself and want to try on.  So make it easier for yourself by wearing something that will be easy to take off and put back on.  That means pants you can pull on and off easily, like a casual pair of black pants or leggings.  Layer your top since it may be cool outside but warm inside stores.  Avoid excessive buttons like a button-down collared shirt or cardigan you plan to keep closed.  Zippers or over-the-head sweaters are easier.  Limit your jewelry so you’re not constantly removing it or getting it caught in your clothes.  And pick a hair do that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Time is of the essence here.

The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday: What to Wear & What to BringIt’s important to pick the right bra on this shopping day of all days.  Who needs an uncomfortable bra digging into their shoulders and back?  Or worse, not supporting her dash to the last pair of fabulous jeans in her size?  Not you, that’s for sure!  Pick a style that works best for your all day comfort and support.  For you, that may be a full coverage wirefree full figure bra like our new Ultimate Comfort Bra.  Or maybe it’s a Molded Padded Seamless Underwire Full Figure Bra that features lightly padded shoulder straps to help support your breasts and disperse weight on your shoulders.  Perhaps your most comfortable bra is a Full Figure Bralette with a little lace peaking through your blouse.  Whatever bra you choose, make sure it will be part of your winning shopping team on the big day.

We all want to look amazing when we’re on a big holiday-sanctioned Black Friday shopping spree but comfortable shoes are essential.  Leave the stilettos at home this time.  Even hard-to-remove boots may be too much trouble.  Cute sneakers, padded flats or slip on clogs are the way to go.  Be sure you have some cushion under your feet.  After all, you will be standing and walking for hours upon hours.

Be A Bag Lady

christmas shoppingThe bag you bring on your Black Friday shopping excursion can make or break your day.  May we suggest a cross-the-chest messenger-style bag rather than a traditional shoulder purse?  On this day, you need something to function like a backpack without looking so school-ish.  A messenger bag is perfect for holding a ton of stuff and still looking stylish.

Of course you’ll need to transfer your wallet and cell phone into your Black Friday bag.  Bring along several snacks – ones with protein that will sustain you for hours.  Who knows when shopping will allow you a break for lunch so come prepared with snacks.  You’ll need a bottle of water too; a refillable one is ideal.  Be sure to bring some touch-up makeup and chap stick.  You might want to bring a magazine or e-book reader in case you’re stuck in some long lines.  Put smaller packages in your bag to free your hands for searching for more deals and carrying more packages.

Don’t Forget

  • A holiday shopping list is vital, ladies.  Even if you haven’t picked out the perfect item for everyone, make sure everyone’s name is on a list.  Jot down some ideas of what they may like.  This way you’ll have a better chance of an “a-ha” moment when the right gift presents itself.
  • Know where the best sales are and start there.  Be sure to bring coupons if they are required.
  • Remember, some of the best sales are online so when you’re done at the mall, log on for even more deals.  Or wait until cyber Monday for another great chance to save.
  • Buy items when you see them, as long as your credit limit allows.  You can always return them later.  Black Friday sales are for a limited time only, so take advantage.
  • Speaking of credit, you may want to let your credit card company know that you’ll be doing some big spending so they don’t flag your account and freeze your card.  This is especially important if you are shopping out of town.
  • Bring a buddy with similar goals as yours.  You certainly don’t want to bring a pal who will constantly want to be headed in the opposite direction.  But the power of two or more can help you accomplish things quicker and keep an eye out for each other’s best interests.  (Also, it’s helpful for someone to hold your bags when it’s time for a potty break.)
  • The holiday spirit is one of happiness and cheer.  Be kind and courteous to other shoppers.  Smile and have fun.  In the name of giving and celebrating, let your Black Friday shopping experience be a great time for everyone.

Ok Ladies, looks like your ready.  Ready, Set, Shop!



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