5 Advantages of Front Closure Bras

Woman standing wearing a front closure bra and leggings

Your bra wardrobe should be as diverse and dynamic as the rest of your wardrobe. We’re on a mission to help you make that happen. So we have a question for you: Have you checked out front closure bras lately? Sure, they may not be the style you traditionally wear, but you’re going to want to give them another thought after reading these 5 advantages of front closure bras:

Front Closure Bras Make Dressing Simple

You know that whole reach behind your back move or the hook-in-front then slide to back thing you do with your back closure bras? Or that funky struggle dance you do with your pull over bras? You don’t have to do any of that with front closure bras. Whether you have mobility limitations or just want to make dressing easier, front closure bras wrap around your body and stay secure with multiple front hook-and-eye closures. It really doesn’t get any more simplistic than that!

Front Closure Bras Offer Supportive Fit

Our Leading Lady front closure bras are fit to perfection for your ultimate comfort and support. The soft, pliable fabrics allow for just the right amount of stretch to move with your body during sleep and leisure activities while also providing gentle wireless breast support. Our comfort bands are designed to lift your breasts, reduce bounce and give you a beautiful, natural shape.

Front Closure Bras are Perfect for Sleep

Wearing a bra to bed can make sleeping so much better. Women with larger breasts may experience sagging and dropping to the sides during the night. And no matter the size of your breasts, chaffing and shifting in the night can happen to any woman. When you’re wearing a sleep bra like our Leading Lady front closure bras, your breasts will remain secure and protected in soothing fabrics that will also keep you cool. Plus, without back hook-and-eye closures, you won’t be uncomfortable when lying on your back.

Front Closure Bras Make Leisure Comfy Again

Lounging around the house, running a few errands, playing with the kids and many other leisure activities can become comfortable again so you can focus on what really matters. Our front closure bras stretch just enough to keep you comfy all day long but also give you enough support for light-to-modern leisure activities. The no-slip wide straps and u-shaped back also help disperse the weight of your breasts across your shoulders and back.

Front Closure Bras Are Attractive

Our Leading Lady collection of front closure bras come in fun and fabulous colors, patterns and prints. From sassy polka dots, embossed leopard print and a sophisticated zig-zag weave pattern, to beautiful hues of peacock, sapphire, purple opulence and rose, there are plenty of styles to match your personal taste and wardrobe needs. And since you can wear them day or night, you’ll be trendy around the clock.

Don’t dismiss front closure bras without giving them a go. You may just discover your new favorite style of bra.

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