5 Creative Ways to Tell Kids “Mom is Pregnant”

Congratulations, you’re going to be a mom…again!  Each pregnancy is unique and having a second, third, fourth (dare we say more) child is different from your first in a very distinct way: you already have other children.  Sharing the news of your pregnancy is an exciting part of becoming a mom again.  But you may wonder what creative ways you can tell your kids that “mom is pregnant.”  Today we’re sharing some fun ideas that may work for your family.

5 Creative Ways to Tell Kids “Mom is Pregnant”Baby Party with a Reveal Cake:  Throw a family party and decorate with baby items.  Give each family member a bib as a napkin and a bottle of sippy cup for their drinks.  Serve baby food along with your regular dinner.  You can even hang a banner and put confetti on your table.  Wait to see if your kids say anything or guess why they are having a baby party.  At the end of the meal, bring out a cake that has a picture of a baby.  If you know the gender, you can have the inner icing color – blue or pink – indicate whether your kids will be getting a baby brother or baby sister.  If nothing else, they’ll be excited about the cake!

Scavenger Hunt:  Organize an age-appropriate scavenger hunt for your kids with various clues that incorporate the baby theme and lead them throughout your home and yard.  At the end of the scavenger hunt, have a grand prize that signifies the big news.  Your final prize can be anything that you think will have significance for your children – a baby doll, a baby blanket, balloons or a book about babies are some ideas.  This fun and interactive way to tell your kids mom is pregnant builds anticipation and offers a rewards at the end.

Ultrasound Visit:  If your children are old enough to understand it, bring them along to an ultrasound visit to meet their new sibling firsthand.  You can tell them that you need them to come with you to see the doctor, just like you go with them to their doctor’s appointments.  Then explain that the technician is going to show a picture of the inside of mommy’s tummy.  Before you know it, they’ll see their little baby brother or sister bobbing around your uterus and get to hear the heartbeat as well.  You can point out different parts of the baby’s body and watch the funny things he or she does in the womb.  This unique view can be very meaningful to children and help them better comprehend the process of a baby’s development over time.

My-Mom-Having-Baby-Kid-Month--Month-Guide-PregnancyBooks & T-shirts:  For a more subtle way to share the news, you and your partner can read books about becoming an older brother or older sister to your kids and then explain that they are going to be just like the characters in the books, an older sibling!  Reading about the process of pregnancy and welcoming a new baby into your home is an important step in acclimating your children to the idea of a new sibling, and books with relatable characters may make the concept easier to grasp.  Also, many older siblings find pride in becoming the big bro or sis and want to flaunt it on a t-shirt.

Balloon Box:  Kids love balloons so another easy way to reveal the news of your pregnancy or the gender of your baby is to fill a big box with helium balloons.  Let your kids tear into the box and SURPRISE!  Out pop a bunch of balloons in blue and pink, perhaps some with babies or storks, to share that a new baby is on the way.

However you decide to tell your kids, be ready for the unexpected.  Some kids, even those longing for a younger sibling, may be ambivalent to the news.  Others may be so overcome with emotion and confusion that they cry tears of joy or sadness.  Also, many children have a preference for a baby brother or baby sister and therefore may be disappointed if the gender of your new baby wasn’t their top choice.  Usually this dissatisfaction will go away over time and is replaced with joy and excitement.  Your children may have questions about how the baby was made so discuss a response with your partner before the big reveal.

Be sure to take lots of pictures and video of your baby announcement to your older kids.  One day, the baby will love to see how his or her siblings took the big news.

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