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5 Easy DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

by ErinStieglitz on May 02, 2018

5 Easy DIY Baby Halloween CostumesShort on time and not into spending gobs of money on a baby Halloween costume your little one will wear exactly once? You’ve come to the right place! We have fun, simple and adorable DIY baby Halloween costumes to share with you today.

Charlie Brown

This classic character is fantastic, especially if your baby is a baldie. Simply take a yellow shirt or onesie and add a zig-zag stripe across the belly with black painters tape. Pair with black shorts or pants to complete the outfit. If you’re inclined, paint a curly hair strand on the top of your baby’s head. Grab a snoopy stuffed animal and you’ve got your very own Charlie Brown.


A baby ghost costume is an incredibly easy idea that takes about 5 minutes to make. There are several ways to go. One way is to add eyes to a white onesie using paint, markers or gluing googly eyes to it. Pair with white shorts, pants or a plain diaper cover and you’ve got a little ghost. For a frillier version, use a white tutu and add the eyes to the center. Pull the skirt up under the armpits for a chic girly ghost.


Create a miniature Mario (from the Mario Brothers video game) using items you can probably find in your baby’s wardrobe. Pair a red shirt with blue jean overalls. Using felt, cut out big yellow buttons and secure them to the overall clasps. Print a large “M” from your computer, cut it out in a circle and paste it to a red baby baseball cap. You can even draw a mustache on your baby to finish off this authentic video game character.


This is an easy one for the baby girls. Cut a green stem and leaves from fabric – felt works nicely. Secure it to a onesie using hot glue or another form of fabric adhesive. Dress your baby in a flower hat or use a big bow with lots of loops and ties. Don’t have either? Make one with tissue paper and pipe cleaners. She’ll be the beautiful and bright centerpiece of your Halloween celebration.

No. 2 Pencil

This brilliant idea is right “on point.” Select a solid yellow outfit for your baby. Write “No. 2 Pencil” down the front of the shirt. Add a pink baby hat as the eraser and you’re leaded up for the big holiday.

When it comes to DIY baby Halloween costumes, it doesn’t get easier than these! We hope your Halloween is filled with lots of fun for you and your baby with these baby Halloween costumes!

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