Last Minute Reminders for Thanksgiving

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving you’ve probably been planning and prepping for the holiday all week. As a parent holiday hosting can be a lot to juggle before and during the gathering. We’ve put together some last minute reminders for Thanksgiving to ensure your holiday is relaxed, delightful and festive.

Last Minute Reminders for Thanksgiving

The Meal

Between you and your guests the big items are covered – the turkey, stuffing, cranberries, bread and desserts are all accounted for. Now it’s time to think through the smaller details. What time do you need to turn on the oven to ensure your meal is warm? Set a calendar reminder for yourself. Do you have spreads and toppings such as butter for bread, gravy for turkey and cream and sugar for coffee? Turn on the ice maker in your freezer to be sure you have enough ice for the big day. If you’re serving cocktails, gather all of the mixers and garnishes you’ll need for your drinks.

The Serving Pieces

The night before Thanksgiving pull out all of the serving platters and utensils you plan to use. Make sure everything is rinsed and ready for serving so you can easily transfer your items just before meal time. Also, make sure you run your dishwasher and empty it the day before Thanksgiving so you’ll be able to load it easily after the meal is over.

Table Décor

If you’ve been more focused on food than décor, don’t fret. You can fill vases with colorful fall leaves and pinecones for a beautiful seasonal centerpiece. Or get crafty with your kids and make table art including handprint turkeys, mini pilgrims and Indians, or personalized name cards. If you plan to light candles, make sure you have a lighter or matches handy.

Kids Activities

Despite the days and hours of prep, your kids may scarf down their Thanksgiving meal in 10 minutes or less. Be prepared with some fun activities for the kids to do at the table after they’ve eaten. Printable coloring sheets, easy gluing projects or stringing beads are great quiet activities for little ones at the table to give you and the other adults a few more minutes to enjoy your festive meal.


Lay out your family’s outfits the day before Thanksgiving so everyone knows what to wear. This creates less drama if you have picky dressers. Plus you can make sure everything is clean and wrinkle-free before your guests arrive.

Other Last Minute Reminders for Thanksgiving

If it is cold or rainy, have a designated spot for coats and rain gear.  Clear away clutter from your kitchen and gathering areas to make your home feel organized and inviting. Consider lighting a fire in the fireplace for a particularly cozy holiday. Plan to share leftovers by having to-go boxes available for your guests to take home a sampling of each dish.

We hope your holiday gathering goes off without a hitch with our last minute reminders for Thanksgiving. Happy a wonderful holiday!

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