Thanksgiving Gratitude and Attitude

Thanksgiving Gratitude and AttitudeThanksgiving is a wonderful time to concentrate on “tude” with your children. When we say “tude” we’re referring to two major principles that are at the core of the Thanksgiving holiday and are crucial to productive, happy, healthy lives. These Thanksgiving “tudes” are gratiTUDE and attiTUDE. Here’s why you should talk to your kids about gratitude and a positive attitude this Thanksgiving


Research shows that gratitude is good for your physical health, emotional wellbeing and improves social relationships and your own self-esteem. It’s pretty amazing that just by being grateful and reflecting and acting on thankfulness can have these powerful full-body benefits, all of which are big picture goals you probably have for your children.

On a physical level, expressing gratitude helps people sleep better, motivates people to be more active, increases energy and reduces illness. Emotionally, gratitude makes you feel happier, content with your life, confident and more relaxed. These feelings contribute to better social interactions because you’re more likely to show empathy and kindness to loved ones, friends and even strangers.

Perhaps most importantly gratitude helps you have better perspective about yourself and the world around you. Experiencing gratitude gives you center yet makes you less self-centered. Seeing how much there is to be thankful for helps you realize what really matters, often making you less materialistic and more optimistic. All of these amazing benefits of gratitude can result in a longer, healthier life for you and your family.

Positive Attitude

Similarly, a positive attitude has many of the same health benefits as gratitude. Positivity can be particularly advantageous to lowering stress.  As such, it has a host of cardiovascular benefits including lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and reduced risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death in the U.S.

With less stress adults and kids alike have a reduced risk of depression and anxiety and find more happiness in life. In fact, studies show that having a positive attitude combats the signs of aging and may make you live longer.

A positive attitude opens your mind and heart and can be contagious. When you’re positive about life – whether it’s new experiences or facing challenges – you’re more likely to enjoy the journey even if you don’t always succeed. And this positivity can rub off on others, making everyone have a brighter outlook and creating a more pleasant, kind, and caring environment for all.

This Thanksgiving, focus on “tude.” Gratitude and a positive attitude are two very teachable and very beneficial values you can share with your children. We wish you a wonderful thanksgiving filled with lots of “tude.”

Sources: Forbes, Happier Human, Cheat Sheet and The Mayo Clinic

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