5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s with Kids

New Year’s Eve is almost upon us.  If you still haven’t figured out how to celebrate New Year’s with kids, we’ve got some fabulous solutions right here.  Check out our ideas for festive, meaningful and thrilling ways to ring in the New Year:

Countdown to Noon Party

Everyone loves a party, especially the kiddos.  Invite a few friend or neighbors over for a festive midday New Year’s Eve party.  Go all out with streamers, party hats, noise makers and other decorations.  Get funky by playing all sorts of music and having a family dance party, or make your own music with instruments around the house.  (Kids love banging on pots and pans if you don’t have any instruments handy.)  You can serve fun snacks including sparkling juice in plastic champagne glasses.  If you want to add an element, encourage all of the kids to come dressed up, either in their finest attire or a costume.

At noon or any other time you designate – after all, it’s always midnight somewhere, right? – stop the festivities for a formal countdown.  Your kids will love participating in the countdown and then starting the ruckus all over again.  Let the kids go wild for awhile to really soak in the celebration.

Buy or Make a New Calendar

Kids who attend preschool starting at around 2 years of age usually get their first introduction to calendars in the classroom environment.  Teachers often incorporate the months, days of the week, dates and seasons into ritual class meeting times.  While your little one may not understand the concept of long-term time yet, it is good to start the initial foundation for this knowledge young.  To celebrate New Year’s, let your kids pick out a 2016 calendar of their own, or spend time making one with your favorite family photos from 2015.  Buy fun stickers and go through the calendar marking off special holidays, birthdays, school days and vacations you may have planned in 2016.

Have one Last Family Dinner in 2015

If your holidays were filled with huge family gatherings, it may be nice to take this New Year’s holiday a little slower.  Enjoy one last meal together as a family in 2015 by trying something different.  Some ideas include exploring cultural cuisine from around the world, making your own pizzas or fondue.  Dining over a new culinary experience is a great way to ring in the New Year with fresh perspective.

Create a Laser Light Show in your House

Your little tots may not be old enough to stay up for the fireworks display but you can create a cool colorful light show in your own home instead.  You can find relatively inexpensive wall or ceiling projector toys that can help with the show or look for light-up toys and flashlights around your house.  You can even change the bulb color in some of your flashlights to make them more colorful.  Find a dark room, perhaps in the basement or a closet, and use all of your light gadgets to set off virtual fireworks for your kids.

Talk about New Year’s Resolutions

For kids who are old enough to understand, talk about New Year’s Resolutions in their terms.  Start by explaining that he New Year is a great time to start fresh and think about the things we want to improve in the coming year.  You can tell your kids some of your personal New Year’s resolutions and encourage them to set goals too.  Anything from trying to share more to being better about brushing their teeth are excellent resolutions for kids.  Also talk about family New Year’s resolutions, like being more present during family meals and helping each other with household tasks.

We hope you enjoy these ways to celebrate New Year’s with kids.  Happy New Year!

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