5 Ways to Sweeten Valentine’s Day while Breastfeeding

5 Ways to Sweeten Valentine’s Day while BreastfeedingWith a new baby in your life, there’s probably a lot of love floating around your home, but perhaps not the same passion you experienced on previous Valentine’s Days.  As exhausted and preoccupied as you may be, Valentine’s Day is a time to rally.  Celebrating Valentine’s Day while breastfeeding and shortly after having a baby may not entail all the intimacy of Valentine’s past, but there are still many ways you can sweeten the day with your love.

Need some ideas?  We’re glad you’ve come to us!

Have a Romantic Dinner in “Bistro Your House”

Turn your dining room into the fanciest restaurant in town…or at least the closest to your house.  Here’s how to do it:  Drape your table with a festive tablecloth.  Turn down the lights and strike a match on some romantic candles.  And bust out your best dishes.  Plan a meal that incorporates both of your favorite flavors.  You can either surprise your love with this one-of-a-kind dining experience or cook the meal together.  Be sure to remove the traces of the day-to-day life that happens around your house like burp cloths, toys and bouncy chairs to ensure a more sophisticated mood, at least in this one dining space.  If you’re holding off on wine while breastfeeding, toast with sparkling juice or a delicious mocktail.

Wear a Sassy Nursing Dress and Use your Assets to Your Advantage

Whether you’re staying home or headed out, you should take the opportunity to get dolled up on this special day.  After having a baby, you may not have had the chance to spend time pampering and primping yourself.  Well, today is the day of all days for that.  And thanks to your baby, you probably have some new assets to use to your advantage, your breasts.  Select a chic wrap dress, button or zip top, or other low-cut blouse that will show off your new, even if only temporary, features.

Make a Collage of your Family’s New “Loving Moments”

In Valentine’s past, your husband may have ogled over a new watch, sports memorabilia or a swanky sweater.  This year, give him a lasting memory of his new love.  Plan a secret photography session of your baby and create a collage of images.  Get a few of you and your baby as well.  If time and budget don’t permit professional photos, take your own or collect ones from the past few months of your baby’s life to frame for your hubby.  We bet he’ll be thrilled to keep these “Loving Moments” with him always.

sexy-nursing-braBuy a New Wardrobe of Sexy Nursing Bras

Do you want to really sweeten the pot and wow your man?  Head on over to Walmart or Walmart.com for a Loving Moments sexy nursing bra shopping spree.  Our collection features everything from sexy lace, to flirty prints.  Wear a new sexy nursing bra every day for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, and save your favorite one for the big day, of course.  You’ll be all set for breastfeeding so your baby will be happy, and we bet you’ll get a terrific reaction from your husband too.

Make Out After your Baby is Asleep

Even if your OBGYN hasn’t cleared you for intercourse, you can sweeten your Valentine’s Day while breastfeeding by making out with you husband after your baby goes to sleep.  As soon as you finish your nighttime feeding, set the mood and start the flirtation.  It may feel a little old-school but kissing alone often creates more intimacy and stimulates a sense of closeness all the same.

Celebrating a romantic Valentine’s Day while breastfeeding is doable!  Mop up the spit-up, slap on some lipstick and light the candles.  Then get ready for a meaningful, adult evening of love and togetherness.

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