6 Lipstick Hacks: Alternatives to Lipstick

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Whether you like a natural nude, plump pink or radical red tint to your lips, lipstick is not the only game in town.  If you are not a lipstick lover, you may be at a loss for how to add some color to your lips without all the drawbacks of lipstick.  Colorful lips are absolutely possible without pasty, chalky, lip-drying, reapplying lipsticks.  Today we’re sharing 8 lipstick hacks that offer alternatives to lipstick.

Lipstick Hack #1:  Lip Crayon

This cross between lipstick and a lip liner pencil is the best of both.  It rolls on smooth and offers weightless coverage that is not sticky.  Because it comes to a point like a crayon, you can still get precise coverage sans the ickyness of lipstick.

Lipstick Hack #2:  Lip Stain

One of the coolest lipstick hacks, lip stain really lasts all day.  It comes in both marker-like or nail polish brush style applicators that thoroughly cover your lips.  Just as the name implies, your lips will feel permanently colored, at least for the day.

Lipstick Hack #3:  Lip Liner

Yeh, so what if lip liners were designed to line your lips.  They also work as alternatives to lipstick.  First line your lips by adding more pressure and creating a darker fine line on the perimeter.  Then fill in the lines by gently brushing the lip liner vertically across your lips.

Lipstick Hack #4:  DIY with Eye Shadow

Have the perfect hue in mind but can’t find what you’re looking for at the beauty counter?  Make your own lipstick alternative using your favorite shade of eye shadow.  Simply crush up the eye shadow and place it in a pill box or contact lens container. Add in some lip balm and mix it until it’s silky smooth.

Lipstick Hack #5:  Tinted Lip Balm

If you like the natural glide of lip balm, look for one with color added.  It may be called a lip glaze, lip butter or something along those lines so don’t be deceived by the name.  This will ensure that moisturized feel all day while still giving you a pop of color.

Lipstick Hack #6:  Lip Gloss

You can skip the undercoat all together and just go for the gloss.  Glosses come in nearly as many shades as lipsticks and you can achieve a bright and shiny lip color.  If you prefer matte lips, simply blot off the shine or lightly pat on concealer over your lip gloss.  For those who have naturally rosy lips, clear lip gloss works beautifully.

We hope you enjoy these lipstick hacks as alternatives to lipstick.  Keep your lips beautiful and smackable with these tips!

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