6 Pairs of White Shoes You Should Own this Spring and Summer

6 Pairs of White Shoes You Should Own this Spring and Summer

Happy Memorial Day!  Although the white before Memorial Day rule was debunked years ago, we’re using this old fashioned sentiment to celebrate one of our favorite summer colors.  So, it’s time to bust out the white!  One of the best ways to strut your white wear is in your shoes.  Today we’re sharing 6 pairs of white shoes you should own this spring and summer.



Lace-up Sandals:  Around the ankle and up the calf, the more loops the better!  This spring and summer gives new meaning to the words “strappy sandals.”  Lace-up sandals work in flats or with a heel.  The advantage is that you can tighten or loosen them to be perfectly comfortable and supportive for your feet.  They are easy, breezy and right on trend for the season.  Lace-up and look fabulous!


Heel Bling:  Adornments on the heel and even slightly up the calf are hot for spring and summer.  Interesting shapes, sparkly beads and jewels or a textured fabric can complete this look beautifully.  Variations with a pop of color on the heel add a vibrant splash to any outfit.

Elevator Cutout Boots:  Boots in the summer?  What???  Yes, the warmer months require a bit more air flow to the toes so these shoes achieve the bootie look with any airy touch.  The cutout feature keeps your feet cool and comfy all summer but the shape of the shoe mimics an ankle boot.  These are great for shorts and casual nights out.

Feathers and Fringe:  Native feathers and fringe are all the rage for spring and summer 2015.  These feminine, freestyle details give stylish dimension and movement to your shoe.  Fringe works better for larger feet while feathers accentuate a delicate foot nicely.

Sleek Oxford:  Crisp and white, these once traditional now trendy shoes are an awesome look for regular length and crop pants this summer.  With a pointed toe and a slight heel lift, the sleek new design elevates this fashionable shoe to 2015 standards.

Holy Sneakers:  Some spring and summer days require a quick slip-on grab-and-go type of shoe.  These “holy” sneakers are just what you need to keep things trendy even in sneaks.  The perforated design will give your foot a breath of fresh air while the sneaker sole supports your feet and ankles for all day wear.

We hope you enjoy the season in these trendy white shoes for spring and summer.  Happy Memorial Day, Leading Ladies!

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