8 Adorable Holiday Handprint Crafts

Handprint crafts are an excellent way to freeze a moment in time and commemorate the holiday season.  As your little ones grow, you’ll love looking back at many holiday crafts, but not many are as precious as those that are made with their own tiny handprints.  Holiday handprint crafts add cheer, spirit and vibrancy to your holiday home décor and make excellent gifts for your loved ones.  We’re sharing 8 adorable holiday handprint crafts to try with your kids this year.

1 – Handprint Family Tree:  This cross-cultural artwork is a wonderful keepsake or a terrific gift for grandparents.  Start with a piece of 8 x 10 white card stock.  Draw a tree trunk extending halfway up the page from the bottom.  Paint your children’s hands and print them on top of the trunk in various directions to be the branches and leaves of the tree.  If you have multiple children, use one of each of their hands, or repaint one child’s hands several colors to complete the tree.  This can easily be matted and framed for a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind holiday gift.

2 – Ceramic Handprint Ornament:  This craft is often available as a kit or you can do-it-yourself by using molding clay that dries hard.  Make the ornament shape you prefer – oval, square, star or whatever floats your boat – and then press your child’s hand into it.  You can paint the hand or leave it natural.  Etch your child’s name and the date as a memorable decoration you can use on your tree or around your house year after year.

3 – Handprint Snowmen:  One tiny hand can make 5 adorable snowmen.  Dip your child’s hand in white paint and print it on a piece of paper.  Then have fun decorating the snowmen fingers, each with its own personality.  A traditional scarf, top hat and carrot nose for some, a baseball cap and uniform for another.  Let your child’s handprint snowmen represent the interests of your family.

4 – Handprint Christmas Tree:  There are several ways to complete this holiday handprint craft depending on the size tree you want to make.  One way is to draw a short brown pine tree truck and then stamp your child’s green handprint upside down starting with 3 or 4 in a row at the bottom and gradually taper to one at the top.  You can do this with upright handprints for larger trees.  Similarly, you can cut out handprints to create a three dimensional tree in which you can fold up the fingers for a textured tree.  Have fun decorating your tree with colorful craft supplies and a star or angel at the top, of course.

5 – Handprint Menorah:  This adorable holiday handprint craft is fun and easy to complete.  Dip both of your child’s hands in blue paint and print them on a piece of paper,

Girl at school finger painting

canvas, cloth or card stock overlapping the thumbs.  This will create four finger candles on each side and the leader shamesh candle in the middle.  Wipe hands clean and paint fingertips yellow to “light” each of the 9 candles on the menorah.

6 – Handprint Wreath:  A paper holiday handprint wreath is beautiful for decorating interior doors and mantels.  Simply trace your child’s handprint and cut out as many as you want to create a round wreath.  Glue them together in a circle leaving a hole in the middle.  You can add colorful cotton balls, bows or other decorative items to jazz up your keepsake wreath.

7 – Handprint Angel:  This sweet holiday handprint craft can incorporate your child’s photo as the face of the angel.  Beneath the photo, stamp your child’s hand upside down as the angel’s body.  Then using white, yellow or blue paint, stamp handprint wings on both sides of the body.  This is a fun one to cut out and use as an ornament as well.

8 – Handprint Reindeer:  Little fingers make for good antlers so handprint reindeer are a fun and crafty way to celebrate the season.  Using brown paint, print a handprint on a piece of paper.  Draw a face on the palm and bows or holly on the antler fingers.  You can create one or an entire sled-full.

We hope you and your kiddos have a blast creating these adorable holiday handprint crafts.  Remember, even babies can participate in handprint crafts so use this special time of year to make lasting keepsakes you’ll revisit year after year!

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