A & B Cup Bras for Full Figure Women

Open Drawer of BrasAt Leading Lady, we celebrate curves. Every woman has her own set of curves that make her unique and beautiful.  We believe that your wardrobe, from intimates to outerwear, should enhance your curves and flatter your natural shape without losing your personal sense of style.

We know that being a full figure woman does not always mean you have large breasts or need to wear a large cup size.  Historically options for A and B cups in larger band sizes have been limited, and so many women are unaware of how their bra should fit.  In fact, most women wear the wrong bra size and have learned to live with discomfort.  Leading Lady’s Director of Design Haidee Johnstone has spent years designing bras for the specific needs of full figure women who wear smaller cup sizes.   Haidee offers some useful information on what to look for when buying smaller cup bras and how to find your fit:

For smaller cup bras, I focus on enhancing a woman’s body and creating a bra cup with great shape and contour so it can define and support her breasts.  When we can achieve these smooth and flattering lines under the clothes, it will complement her wardrobe.   Comfort and fit are also extremely important because the wear-ability of a small cup bra is based on customized dimensions, which I’ve been able to accomplish through rigorous fit tests on real women.  Shrinking the measurements of a large cup and large band bra will not offer a proper fit for someone who needs a fuller band but smaller cup.

Here are a few things to remember when buying a smaller cup bra:

1)     Your bust should fit the bra cups without spilling out (deeming it too small) or having wrinkles or excess room (meaning it is too large).  Many brands tend to design A and B cup bras that increase cup depth as the band size increases, however most full figure women who wear A and B cups do not need that much extra cup space.

2)      Your bra band should be snug around your rib cage, but not too tight nor too loose.  The goal is for your bra to support and lift your breasts while the band sits down on your back.

3)     A lightly lined and padded cup is a good choice because it can add bust definition while also providing modesty.

4)     When buying a new bra make sure that the bra is not too high in front or on the sides under the arms.  A smaller bust has less weight and uses a different amount of stretch from the cup to the back and therefore does not require as much material.  If the cup rides high in front or on the sides, it can be uncomfortable.  With that said, make sure you have the right amount of coverage for your taste that provides enough support for your breasts.

Leading Lady offers a selection of A and B cup full figure bras in everyday, leisure, lace and sport styles, which you can check out below.  We hope these tips have introduced you to a new level of fit and comfort!

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