Accessorize Your Holiday!

As all fashionistas know, sometimes it’s the accessories that make the outfit.  Accessories can turn casual jeans and a t-shirt into a sassy, chic ensemble, and transform that little black dress into va-va-voom in black. Adding a pop of color, a hint of bling, or a peak of lace can update your wardrobe, while a new hairdo or day-to-night make-up can add drama. Best of all? These little touches are affordable ways to embrace your most fashionable self.  We’ve put together the top accessory trends in each vital category for this holiday season so you can jazz up any outfit for your festive outings.

Makeup:  Yes, makeup is an accessory, as long as it is not worn as a mask.  We believe makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not disguise it and turn you into someone you are not.  For this holiday season, add a dash of twinkle to your lips and eyes to let everyone know you’ve got holiday spirit.  Silver, frosted lipstick is the “in” shade and matches just about any outfit.  Also add sparkle to your eyes with any shimmery shade of eye shadow, either on the full lid or just above your liner.

Hair:  Whether wearing your hair up or down, the poof is back.  Tease a bump on the crown of your head and you’ll feel like a princess this holiday.  Use this style for ponytails, buns or even down styles.  Be sure to sleek back the hair over the poof for a clean line.

Jewelry:  While all sorts of bling can add wow to your holiday look, a bold cuff bracelet is hot this year.  As you’re sipping and toasting, your vibrant bracelet will surely draw attention.  But let the bracelet do its job and don’t overload with other big jeweled pieces that take away from the main attraction…you!

Hats:  You’ve probably noticed by now that the fedora is “in” in a big way.  From solids, to pin stripes, to prints, the fedora is a classy way to make a statement.  And no need to take off your hat when you arrive, this is a topper you can wear all day long.

Shoes:  Sometimes the need to be fashionable is more important than comfort.  And sometimes both collide in the most flattering way, such as the flat riding boot trend.  You can wear these sexy, comfortable boots with just about anything:  dresses, skirts, over jeans, under slacks.  But we suggest avoiding them with cocktail and formal attire!

Bags:  A bold bag can be a statement unto itself.  For dressier occasions, add a richly colored or sparkly clutch to spice up your cocktail attire or even dressy jeans.  For more casual outings or even while traveling this holiday season, cross body bags are the way to go.  But choose something fun that is also useful, such as a lively print or unique wool, corduroy or glossy texture.

Bras: And of course the most important accessory (at least according to us!) is your bra.  Whether stepping out for a fancy party or night on the town, or lounging at home while on vacation, having a comfortable, supportive, stylish bra is essential.  For plunging necklines, try our molded padded seamless, front closure racer back or seamless racer back bras.  If you want to be a little naughty, let a sliver of lace peek out with our scalloped lace bra.  And for keeping it causal while running errands or enjoying family time at home, our molded seamless wirefree bra or cotton front closure leisure bra should be the perfect fit.

And it’s just that easy!  So let your accessories do the talking and you’ll be the trendy envy at all of your holiday parties.  We wish you a very happy and fashionable holiday season!

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