Adorable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Kids

cute little boy with a red heart in the handsValentine’s Day is one of those wonderful holidays to can incorporate the entire family.  Sharing your love with your family happens year-round but it’s fun to designate a special day to express your feelings, remind kids what love is really about and talk about kindness and caring.  To get in the festive spirit, we’ve come up with adorable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids:

Funny Fruit Snacks:  While Valentine’s Day is usually marked with lots of not-so-healthy treats, serve up some wholesome foods with funny sayings to go with them.  Examples:  Bananas – “I’m head over peels for you!”  Oranges – “Orange you glad you’re my Valentine.”  Nuts – “I’m nuts about you, Valentine.”  Cheesy, absolutely.  But your kids will love it!

Handprint Artwork:  Nothing could be more fun than dipping your entire hand in pant to create a masterpiece.  There are tons of ways to use handprints for Valentine’s decorations.  Some include:  making hearts using your child’s thumb and pointer fingers; using handprints as wings for love birds, butterflies or cupids; or printing the sign for “I love you” on a piece of paper.  It’s messy but super fun for your kids.

Heart Wreath:  This keepsake is fairly simple to make.  Fold colorful strips of paper into 3-dementional hearts and glue, staple or tape them together.  Then line up the tips of the hearts into a circle and fasten them together.  Finally, tie a string at the top and hang it on a door as a beautiful Valentine’s Day decoration.

Have a Tea Party:  Gather up friends – real or stuffed – and host a tea party for Valentine’s Day.  Let your children set the menu and prepare the snacks.  You can use real items or pretend food, whatever suits your kids.  Then sit down for a formal tea party with lots of lively and loving conversation.

Vegetable Stamps:  Use veggies to create stamps for art projects.  You can cut potatoes into just about any shape, from a heart to a teddy bear.  Celery stalks make gorgeous roses when you cut off most of the stalks and use just the ends that are closely clustered together like the petals of a rose.  Once you have your design, dip the stamp into ink or paint and print away.  You can also use “x” and “o” potato stamps to play games of tic-tac-toe.

Friendship Bracelets:  Using pasta, cereal or beads, string friendship bracelets for your family members and friends.  They’ll love this home-made gift of love.  It’s also great for developing fine motor skills and learning patterns.

Bake and Share:  Head to the kitchen for fun cooking projects.  Try a new recipe or stick to old favorites.  Be sure to have heart-shaped cookie cutters, lots of red or pink icing and sprinkles to decorate your culinary concoctions.  When you’re done, take a few treats to friends and neighbors to spread the love.

Love Notes:  Leave your kids love notes around the house for them to discover throughout the day.  Even if they cannot read, they will be thrilled to stumble upon more and more secret messages from you.  This will brighten their day and help solidify the true meaning of Valentine’s Day – LOVE!

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