Allergies and Pollen Count Woes: How to Help Combat Seasonal Allergies

Allergies and Pollen Count Woes: How to Help Combat Seasonal AllergiesSneezing and sunshine will go hand-in-hand this spring for those affected by allergies. Some experts are predicting a heavier than normal allergy forecast after our unusually cold, long winter. So if you already feel your eyes beginning to water, try some of these suggests for saying sniffle-free as much as possible. These tips are not meant to replace any kind of allergy medicine you may already take, so talk to you doctor about your current dosage if you feel as though you need more pollen protection.

Keep up with laundry to keep pollen out

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, then this tip is definitely for you! Get in the habit of keeping your dirty clothes in one spot and try to launder your clothes more frequently. If you normally keep a clothes bin in your room or bathroom, try moving it temporarily into another part of the house during high pollen count season. You want to minimize how much dust, pollen, and other allergens you track throughout your house. When you come inside, strip off any coats or sweatshirts and toss them straight into your hamper. Jeans or shorts that might carry residue should also be changed and washed as soon as you get home. If you’re really prone to allergies, a shower with gentle soap will help combat an allergy attack.

Pay attention to parking

Sometimes this tip will be hard to follow because you’ve found the perfect street parking spot, but if you can avoid parking your car directly beneath trees you will further minimize your chances for coming into direct contact with allergens. Keep a clean towel or wipes in your car to quickly rid your seat of any clinging pollen.

Clean your pets often

Is Fido your daily running partner? Dogs and cats (especially ones that spend time outdoors) will carry pollen and other allergens in their fur this spring. Rinse and wash your pet’s coat when you notice build-up or extra grit sticking to their fur. Not only will your home stay cleaner inside, but you’ll feel less worried about your furry friend tracking in dirt and allergens over your carpet and cushions. Frequent baths are a great way to ensure less sneezing in your home.

We hope these extra steps will help you enjoy the springtime rather than run and hide from grass and trees!

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