Alleviate Holiday Stress

Let’s be honest, are you dreading the stress of the holiday season? I’m feeling behind, and I haven’t even started yet! But we all need to relax and do just a few things to help alleviate much of the stress so we can enjoy the holidays this year!

Set Goals and Prioritize–Imagine what you want this holiday to be like and choose only to do what will make this image a reality. Prioritizing what your goals are will help you plan your holiday so it will be an enjoyable one.

Make Lists–You and I both know that, as busy as we are, we can’t remember everything that needs to be done. To-Do Lists help us see what needs to be done, what we’ve accomplished by crossing things off and helps us to be realistic about what can be done and what we can afford! Shopping Lists help organize and budget so we don’t overspend at the store!

Plan Ahead–Use your lists to help you plan out your shopping trips to avoid unnecessary backtracking.  Traffic is bad enough without having to go back across town a second time!

Enlist Help–Get your partner to help with shopping or other tasks. Children can help wrap presents, put stamps on holiday cards or do simple household chores. Have a baking party so that everyone can help with the decorating while you have a chance to enjoy each other!

Say NO!–It’s okay to decline invitations or decide not to do something that isn’t part of your holiday goals. Be realistic about what you have time to do and what you can afford.

In the end, just keep it simple so you have time for what is important to you this holiday season!

What do you do to help alleviate holiday stress?

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