Winter Trends 2011

The fashion trend that seems most dominant this year is the military one. This along with the menswear look create a color trend that ranges from the classic camel to dark classic shades such as khaki, charcoal gray, dark blue or black. There are also rich vibrant colors on the market such as tones of red and deep purples.

You don’t have to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe just to incorporate these color trends and styles. Add an affordable splash of color with a seasonally inspired accessory (knit scarf, beaded jewelry, etc.) or invest in that one key piece (military jacket, skirt, over-the knee boot!) that you can wear a multitude of ways and times. Let’s face it, cost-per-wear is an important factor to all of us in these economic times!

So what do you wear UNDER these trendy styles?

For a flawless look under a blouse or t-shirt, go for a molded, seamless bra—in a color that matches your skin tone if the shirt is lighter-toned.  Have fun with colors if it is darker. Big, chunky knits are huge this season, and you can wear just about anything under these! So, enjoy feeling feminine with a molded lace bra underneath!

What’s your favorite fashion trend or color this winter?

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