Are You Making These Spring Allergy Mistakes?

Are You Making These Spring Allergy Mistakes?It’s allergy season alright. As if in tune with the birds chirping and the bees buzzing you can hear the sounds of sneezing and coughing practically everywhere this time of year. Having allergies may be unavoidable but you can reduce your symptoms by avoiding spring allergy mistakes.

Are you making these spring allergy mistakes….

Mistake #1: Waiting for symptoms before starting medication

If you are an allergy sufferer there is no need to wait for misery to start your allergy medication. As the weather begins to warm keep abreast of the pollen count and start your meds when the numbers start to rise. Also keep in mind that mold spreads a few days after rain.  Get control of your allergies before they take control of you.

Mistake #2: Not avoiding outdoor allergy triggers

You probably know your triggers so do the smart thing and stay away from them. If yard work and grass mowing set you off, splurging on a lawn service will make your allergy season happier. If picnics in the park seem dreamy but end up nightmarish, find another way to spend lunchtime. The consequences of not avoiding outdoor allergy triggers probably aren’t worth a few hours outdoors.

Mistake #3: Bringing allergens into your home

Spending some time outside may be unavoidable but you can prevent allergens from attacking you in your home. Take off your shoes before entering your house and remove your clothes shortly thereafter. Shower in the evenings to remove allergen remnants on your body and in your hair. Steer clear of opening windows for fresh air. You’ll have to become an air conditioning or fan lover if you need a breeze.

Mistake #4: Eating or drinking allergen-prone fruits and vegetables

Many people don’t realize that their diet can cause allergy attacks too. It’s not because you’re allergic to the foods necessarily, but rather that certain raw fruits and vegetables have proteins that the body confuses for allergens. This is called oral allergy syndrome. The foods that may trigger a reaction include apples, carrots, pears, oranges, plums, peaches, cherries and kiwis, as well as nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Red wine may also lead to oral allergy syndrome due to sulfites.

Mistake #5: Treating symptoms with temporary relief

Sometimes your symptoms are so nasty you just need immediate relief so you may grab a nasal spray or throat numbing solution. These are fine if they make you feel better temporarily but know that they are not treating your allergies and they are not going to help you in the long run. A band-aid quick fix is not a permanent solution.

We hope you enjoy your spring and avoid these spring allergy mistakes!

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