Are you one of the more than 70% of women who are wearing ill-fitted or incorrectly sized bra?

As the Director of Design at Leading Lady, I cannot stress the importance of the right fit enough. Our fit obsessed design team at Leading Lady is making it our mission in 2012 to help women achieve their ideal bra fit.  And Leading Lady bras provide comfort and proper support for good breast and back health, so you will stand a little taller – both literally and figuratively!

Not only that, but a little lace, or a pop of color can instantly spice up your wardrobe. Ultimately it will help you look and feel better.

So how do you find the right bra size? Start by following these simple steps while wearing a bra. Be sure to keep your measuring tape level.

Band Size

1) Measure around the torso just under your arms but above your breasts.

2) If this measurement is an odd number, round it up to an even number. (If you know you are more comfortable in a smaller band width, round down.)

Cup Size

1) Measure around the fullest part of your bustline

2) Subtract the band size from the cup size.

3) Each 1 inch difference equals a cup size:

1” = A    2” = B    3” = C    4” = D   5” = E or DD has additional fit tips and a fit calculator to assist in helping women find their accurate bra size. Remember, these tips are just a starting point. When trying on a bra, it is important to consider the overall fit including whether the breasts are fully contained, the band fits snugly to support the breasts, the back of the bra sits down on your back and the straps are positioned so they disperse weight evenly and do not slip off your shoulders.

Leading Lady’s bras are designed and sized with all of these fit guidelines in mind so women can achieve optimal bra fit for superior breast health. Additionally, most of Leading Lady’s bras have adjustable straps and 4 rows of hook adjustments to accommodate fit fluctuations.

If you find that your bra is becoming uncomfortable or tight, you know it is time to measure up, review the guidelines above and find a new one that feels right.

Just because you’ve been wearing the same size for years, doesn’t mean it is accurate. One of the worst mistakes I see women make is clinging to the perception of what size they are, should be or want to be.

The best fitting bra is always the best size for you. You may be surprised the difference that realizing your best bra fit will make in your health, appearance and attitude.  Essentially, New Year…New Bra…New You!

Happy New Year!

Haidee Johnstone

Executive Vice President and Director of Design

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