Baby Halloween Costumes: Tricks for a Smooth First Halloween

Baby Halloween Costumes:  Tricks for a Smooth First HalloweenBaby Halloween costumes may be the cutest outfit your baby will wear during his entire first year.  Parents go ga-ga over their precious pumpkins, sweet strawberries and miniature monkeys, and rightfully so.  The first Halloween may be the only time when you actually get to make the sole decision on your child’s Halloween costume before your little one is asserting his or her independence and demanding to be a superhero or princess. So take advantage of this first Halloween and pick a costume sweet enough to make even the scariest of goblins stop and smile.

Of course the most important part of your baby’s first Halloween is keeping baby happy.  Whether you are staying home to greet trick-or-treaters or attending a Halloween bash with other families, you may want to consider these tips for a smooth Halloween with baby.

Baby Halloween Costumes – Comfort is Key

Cute is the way to go, but not at the expense of your child’s comfort.  Pick something with soft fabric that won’t scratch or irritate your baby’s skin, or put baby in a bodysuit underneath costumes made from less-than-desirable material.  Be sure your baby is warm enough for the occasion, but not too hot if the costume is thick.  Babies usually don’t want things around their heads or faces so don’t be surprised if your little one refuses to wear her bunny ears or lion’s mane.  We may be willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion, but babies are not!

If you’re hoping not to spend a chunk of change on a baby Halloween costume, ask friends and neighbors if you can borrow old ones from them.  Consignment sales or resale shops may also be a great place to look for gently used Halloween costumes.  If you can’t find one, be creative.  There’s a lot you can do with your baby’s adorable wardrobe, like adding striped knee socks to a pinafore or overalls to create a simple rag doll costume.

Halloween Parties

If you plan to be out-and-about with baby on Halloween, be conscious of baby’s schedule.  Be sure your little one is well-fed so baby doesn’t become a party pooper.  (We’ve got great nursing camis that wear nicely under Halloween costumes for discreet breastfeeding!  Right now select styles are on sale for just $15!!)  And don’t stay out too late or baby may indeed turn into a pumpkin!

Babies are often more aware than we know and new sights and sounds can be frightening.  Scary costumes, decorations and noises may cause your baby to feel uneasy.  Talk to your little one about everything and show baby that it is all fun and games by hugging and laughing with people in costumes and identifying silly objects and sounds.


Staying home with baby might be just as fun.  Watching as children come to the door dressed in costume and dropping candy into bags may be all the Halloween delight your little one needs.  If baby is going to bed early, be sure to greet trick-or-treaters before they ring the doorbell.

However you choose to spend your Halloween, be sure to take lots of pictures.  You and your children will love looking at them for years to come.

Happy Halloween!

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