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Baby Registry Tips from Leading LadyAs a new mom, creating your baby registry may be a daunting task.  You probably know the basic items you need, but the options in each category seem endless.  Where do you begin?

At Leading Lady, we believe in supporting new moms and we don’t just mean with our intimates!  On your journey through motherhood –from pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond – we’re here to provide helpful information on navigating this exciting, and sometimes overwhelming, time in your life.  Your baby registry is an important step in preparing for a new little one and we put together some tips and reminders to keep you on track:

There are many baby product resources, such as “baby bargain” books or Consumer Reports, that will help you analyze products that best meet your needs.  Plus, many retailers and parenting websites have online baby registry checklists that can act as a guide for what you need for your baby.

  • Ask your other experienced mom friends for advice.  You may get varied opinions, but at least having information can help you determine which products you think are best for you.
  • Register for large items and necessities, and encourage your friends and family to get you the items you REALLY need.  If you know you need a portable crib to take to grandma’s house, let grandma know why you want it.  If you know you want a rocking chair for breastfeeding, ask several friends to go in on it together.
  • Don’t register for clothes, blankets and stuffed animals.  You will likely get plenty of these items without asking.  If you don’t, these are very simple things you can pick up anywhere at the last minute.
  • If multiple people want to throw you baby showers, ask for them to be themed soNursing Cami you can get a variety of items you need.  For example, one shower can be for bedroom & bathroom supplies, such as an infant tub, towels and linens.  Another shower can be for diapers & wipes; you will certainly need a lot of them!  You can also request a breastfeeding shower to stock up on nursing bras, nursing pads, nursing tops, a nursing pillow and a breast pump.
  • If you intend to breastfeed, let your friends and family know upfront so they don’t get you an endless supply of bottles and formula dispensers.
  • Ask for gift receipts.  Sometimes you realize you don’t need items you originally thought you did, and sometimes you have discovered a better version that would make your life easier.
  • Ask for gift cards.  You will find that you need many more things after your baby arrives.  Save your gift cards and use them for those items you didn’t even know you need.

We hope our tips make creating your registry a little easier.  If you’re shopping for someone else’s baby shower gift or want to stock up on your nursing bra essentials, you can enjoy free shipping today through May 8, plus take 5% off your entire order.

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