Labor Day: Motherhood and the Labor of Love

On Labor Day we celebrate the achievements of American workers, which includes the work of mothers and all those who help in raising children.  After all, our children enter the world through “labor” and it isn’t called that because it is easy!  But from the moment our babies are born, motherhood is the labor or love, filled with long hours, amazing milestones and perhaps the most wonderful experiences of our lives.

Leading Lady BreastfeedingMotherhood is not without its hardships, which is one reason we find it so important to celebrate moms and all those who care for our children on Labor Day.  When becoming a mom, we somehow develop superpowers that we never expected.  Whether it is calming our babies through skin-to-skin contact while breastfeeding, or kissing a “boo boo” to make it all better, a mother miraculously becomes SuperMom, at least to her own family.

Some moms truly take on superhero strength.  We’ve all heard stories about mother’s going to extraordinary lengths to protect their children – jumping into burning building to save a baby, lifting a vehicle off a child caught underneath, diving into a riptide to rescue a drowning child.  We all hope we’re never faced with a life-threatening situation, but chances are, we would all exude these SuperMom characteristics if met with such a frightful challenge.

When the labor of love becomes overwhelming at times, it is important to remember that for each challenge, there is usually 10 joyous moments to trump it.  And during infancy and toddlerhood, phases pass as quickly as they arrived.  If you’re facing baby sleep issues, trouble sharing or a hunger strike, keep in mind that what is happening right now will not last forever.  Keep an open mind to your child’s changing needs, behaviors and struggle for independence.  Part of the labor of love of motherhood will always be to worry about your children, whether they are a newborn or well into adulthood, but the other part is helping our children grow to become the beautiful people we want them to be.

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Happy Labor Day!  We are saluting you, moms!

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