Be Bra Ready for “Black Friday”

After the turkey and stuffing are put away and you’ve had just about as much family bonding as you can stand, fashionistas like you across the country will be thankful that the other special day has finally arrived…”Black Friday!” But are you really ready for the best fashion holiday of the year? No doubt you’ve mapped out your shopping strategy and you’ve collected all of your successful shopping gear. Surely you’ll be wearing your most slip off-again/on-again clothes, sporting your most comfy heels, you’ve memorized the mall directory and you’ve got water bottle in hand. But what will you wear underneath to be prepared for all of those adorably chic, awesomely sexy, fabulously priced clothes you MUST try on?

A great bra that is versatile with a variety of clothes is one of the most important tools for the professional “Black Friday” shopper. Think about it: You’ll be trying on a range of clothes from festively cute (yet not too revealing) holiday outfits for your family and work parties; to sexy and sweet (or not-so-sweet) pajamas for Christmas morning; to your New Years Eve cocktail dress. It is essential that your bra works well with all sorts of outfits so you truly know how the clothes fit.

The perfect solution is a seamless bra that will support your dash to the sales, be comfortable for the long day ahead and work under almost anything you try on. Leading Lady’s molded wirefree seamless full figure bra, which also comes in a front closure version, is an excellent choice. If you tend to wear tops that are lower cut or you want more built-in structure, try the molded padded seamless full figure bra in either wirefree or underwire.

Enjoy your fashion feast. Get tipsy on those sales. Surround yourself with brands you love and cherish. And be prepared for it all by starting with the perfect bra for this most important fashion occasion.

Happy “Black Friday”…..oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, too!

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