Best Plus Size Sweaters for YOUR Body

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Who’s ready to cozy up in a yummy sweater this fall and winter?  We are!  And we know just the tips, tricks and styles of plus size sweaters that will look great on your body.  And you’ll need a rockin’ full figure bra to go with it, of course.  Today we’re bringing you a fashion guide to looking hot hot hot in your plus size sweaters, including what’s shaping you underneath.

Sweaters might be your go-to top during the cooler months, or maybe just a once-in-awhile choice for you.  Either way, you want to look fabulous when wearing a sweater so it’s important to know which styles – from fit and fabric, to length and neckline – will look best on your body.

For starters, avoid fabrics that add bulk to your body, such as cable knit or other heavy textures.  Not only will you be sweltering indoors, these thick fabrics usually don’t favor curves.  Instead select thinner fabrics and layer underneath.  Also, be aware of the fit of your sweater.  You certainly don’t want it to be so tight it accentuates problem areas, but don’t overcompensation by wearing a size too large either.  That will cause bulges that are unflattering.  Sweater sizes tend to vary from other tops and blouses so play around with sizes until you find a good fit that complements your curves.

  • Similarly, you want your bra to fit “just right” to give you a smooth, sleek line under your sweaters.  Avoid bras that are too tight that may cause lumps around the back and underarms, but also beware of bras that are too big and gape at the cups.  Most importantly, a properly fitting bra will offer support for your breasts, shoulders and back and feel comfortable all day long.

Color and pattern choices are important for your amazing sweater look too.  As always, darker colors tend to be more slimming.  Fall and winter are a great time to embrace darker hues such as grey, burgundy, hunter green, navy, eggplant, brown and black.  If you feel drab in dark colors, look for sweaters with vertical stripes or color blocking that draws in the waistline.  Or, select a colorful scarf, earrings or necklace to brighten your outfit.

  • Be sure to select bra colors that blend underneath your sweaters.  Bras beneath sweaters with lose weaving or that are designed to be form-fitting can show through.  This is especially apparent in brighter lights – like the flash of a camera – or natural sunlight.  Therefore, wear a dark color bra with dark sweaters and a nude or white bra under light colors.

Necklines and hemlines of sweaters can really make or break how a sweater looks on you.  For your best look, you may need to consider your body type when selecting the perfect sweater.  Here are some pointers:

V Neck:  This style of sweater is flattering on most plus size women because it elongates the neckline.  You also have an opportunity to show a little cleavage, tastefully of course.

Cowl Neck:  If your bust tends to overshadow your outfits, try a cowl neck sweater.  It minimizes breast size while remaining stylish and flirty.  This is a great choice for apple-shaped women, but be sure your sweater is long and hits below the waist.  Ribbed or pleated sweaters also elongate an apple-shape.

Wrap Sweaters:  A classic hour glass figure looks amazing in a warp sweater.  This style accentuates all the right curves and shows off a slim waistline.  Wrap sweaters with detail beneath the bust also draws attention to some of your best assets.  On the flip side, if you are more rectangular shaped and have very little waist, wear a wrap sweater to give the appearance of one.

Square Neck:  For our friends with smaller cup sizes in wider bands, a square neck sweater will widen the bustline for the appearance of larger breasts.  Plus, you can show off your beautiful décolletage.

Boat Neck:  The illusion of broad shoulders balances pear-shaped women who have narrow upper bodies and curves on the bottom.  Boat neck sweaters widen the shoulders to achieve this symmetry.  Pear-shapers, also look for sweaters with short sleeves or shoulder embellishments.

Cardigans:  Versatility is an important feature in fashion.  Cardigans are quite possibly the most versatile of all sweaters because you can throw them over a variety of outfits and they are useful in all seasons.  Unbuttoned, they can act as a jacket.  Buttoned they offer a slender appearance because cardigans draw the eye to the center vertical row.  And you can have fun with colors, patterns and belts or ties, while maintaining a slimming color underneath.

  • Again, make sure your bras are appropriate for the style of sweater you are wearing.  Low v-cuts and square necks call for a lower cut bra like our molded padded seamless wirefree and underwire full figure bra, our crossover front closure racer back leisure bra or our ultimate comfort full figure bra.  Cowl necks and boat necks work better with more coverage, such as our molded seamless wirefree bra with front or back closures.  And for the look of a camisole with an extra layer, try our full figure bralette.

With these tips, we know you’ll great in your plus size sweaters this season!

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