Best Teacher Gifts for the Holidays

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Those who take care of our children – whether it’s at a daycare, in our homes or at school – should be like family.  They are responsible for the most precious part of our lives for many hours a day so we should celebrate them for all the ways they enrich our children.  But what to get them as a holiday gift is always a conundrum.  Candles, lotions and sweets are common, but the truth is that most teachers end up giving or throwing away many of these presents.  Want to give your kids’ teachers and caregivers something special this year?  Today we’re sharing ideas for the best teacher gifts for the holidays.

Plants:  Even if your teacher doesn’t have a green thumb, a beautiful plant will brighten up her holiday.  There are many ways you can give plants as a gift.  A straight-up plant in a nice pot is a lovely present with no wrapping necessary.  You can also give her bulbs or “seed bombs” that she can plant herself and watch grow.  If you have a teacher who enjoys cooking, a kitchen herb garden set will be useful and delicious for her culinary creations.

Personalized Note Pads or Stationary:  This custom present is useful year-after-year and fulfills a need that all teachers have – sending notes home and around school.  Many companies offer a set of note pads of various sizes including sticky notes that teachers love.  Or, personalized stationary comes in very handy, say for writing thank you notes for all of the holiday gifts she will receive.

Foot Spa:  For teachers and caregivers who are constantly on their feet, a foot spa is a terrific way to offer much-needed relief.  These electronic tubs help warm, soak and massage even the sorest feet after a long day of chasing around children.  It’s like having a foot masseuse in her very own home.  What could be better?

Coffee:  If your teacher or caregiver is a java-holic, indulge her in a few pick-me-ups on you.  This can come in the form of packages of her favorite brew, coffee pods for her single-serve coffee maker, delicious flavorings or creamers for her cuppa joe, or a self-warming travel mug to bring her coffee along every day.  For coffee-lovers, anything related to coffee makes a great holiday gift.

Scarf & Glove Set:  By this time of year you’ve probably picked up on your teacher or caregivers sense of style.  Scarves and gloves sets are a wonderful teacher gift for the holidays to keep her warm and fashionable.  Do be thoughtful and select something that matches her individual taste and color pallet.  You may want to include a gift receipt in case she’d like to exchange them.

First Aid Kit:  While this doesn’t scream “festive” or “fun,” it is a very useful gift for the classroom.  Many schools don’t provide individual first aid kits for every classroom, but rather have them stationed in break rooms or in the nurse’s office.  Having band-aids and other supplies on hand is helpful and less disruptive than having to leave the classroom to get items as needed.

Personalized Cutting Board:  Chef or not, a personalized cutting board is a wonderful serving piece for any teacher or caregiver’s home.  Hand-carved wooden cutting boards with an interesting design or monogram can be quite beautiful and certainly a unique idea as a holiday gift.

Wine:  If you know your teacher is a wine-drinker, selecting a bottle or two of a nice wine for her to sip over the holiday season is both thoughtful and relaxing.  You can subtly ask her or other teachers what types of wine she enjoys.  For a fun spin on a traditional wine bottle, add a personal label with your child’s photo.

Gift Cards:  When all other ideas don’t resonate, you can’t go wrong with gift cards.  A larger sum at a store you know she’ll enjoy is great or you can give a gift card bouquet of smaller sums from several places.  Ideas include grocery stores, home improvement stores, superstores, movie theaters, restaurants, coffee shops and nail salons.  Have fun creating a smorgasbord of gift cards for your special teacher or caregiver.

Make this year’s teachers gifts for the holidays really mean something with these fun and fabulous ideas!

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