Beyond the Fitting Room: Travel Wardrobe Bra Must-Haves with Lisa Cole

Bon Voyage Leading Ladies – Pack Those Bags and Your Bras, It’s Time for Summer Fun! Lisa Cole Bra Fit Expert and Stylist Shares Her Top Picks for summer 2014. 

Beyond the Fitting Room: Travel Wardrobe Bra Must-Haves with Lisa ColeA tropical destination makes the perfect vacation and a trip away is probably what we’re all dreaming of us the beginning of summer passes by…yahoo!  It’s time to rest, relax and runaway to your favorite hideaway. Have you picked out your favorite place to play yet?  If the answer is yes, congratulations!  If the answer is no, maybe a staycation is in the cards for you. Even though you’re not physically leaving your town for a more glamorous destination, you get the chance to make home your cave, so take advantage of your time off!

I was helping my client Mary with building her wardrobe for an upcoming cruise recently. She wanted a selection of bras that could take her from day to evening and support her through her various cruise activities and in-between times.  I liked her approach, and wanted to share what we picked together as a reminder that getting dressed for travel is about leisure first and foremost. There are so many options to look great, but remaining comfortable is not as easy. Who wants to struggle with falling straps or too-tight underwire while in paradise? Not Mary! Let’s review her selections:

The Leisure Bra – By wearing a wirefree cotton bra while traveling to her final destination, Mary is able to rest comfortably starting with the long plane ride to Hawaii all the way to her cruise ship. The minimal cup seams give lift and light shaping. She was amazed at how great she looked in wirefree when she first slipped it on! So many of my clients tell me NO when it comes to wearing a non-underwire bra.  Ladies, get into the comfort zone and try this solution today.  This bra’s polka dot print is ideal for the sheer summer blouse that’s trending currently. Yes, it’s ok to have it show, I promise. You’ll be a Fashionista to the max in this bra style.

Leading Lady's Lace Cup Underwire Full Figure BraThe Luxe Lace BraEvery woman needs a bra that makes her feel amazing underneath it all.  I selected the two-tone full figure bra in nude with black lace overlay for Mary and her stunning evening attire. It’s simply gorgeous and the shape it gives Mary is sensational.  Style is about having options, and this bra is a must have for vacation and beyond. As much as you love the beach during vacation, you’re sure to go out to a nice dinner once or twice, and Mary is more than excited for her elegant night now that her entire outfit is planned.

The Multi-purpose Sport BraYoga, Pilate’s or the gym anyone?  A sports bra is your solution  to combat jiggling while on a walking tour or hike. Sports bras are all about “compression” (no jiggling allowed) and will keep your girls lifted and secure. In addition, when you add stylish colors and prints to the mix, a sports bra becomes your ideal leisure lifestyle companion.  I recommended that Mary bring one for her early morning walks around the deck of the cruise ship.  Because of the racerback design of the bra, you can also use this as a layering top underneath a jacket or sweater. Love the two for one!

Packing Tips…How Many Bras Do I need?   When packing for a trip, whether it’s a few days or a couple of weeks, you should have no less than four bras. The formula I like to use is: wear one, rest one, and have one multipurpose bra ready in case there is an emergency for when your others get soiled or dirty. I have had many clients over the years share stories of how luggage has been lost and thank goodness they had their bras and underwear with them in their carry-on luggage. So slip an extra bra into your carry-on bag just in case.

Get ready to go this summer by getting your bra wardrobe in order.  There are so many bra solutions and styles that give women all of the options they need to look fabulous from the inside out.  Bon Voyage, ladies!

Lisa Cole is the Founder/Fit Expert of StyleFitSolutions.Com. She provides advice on all aspects of style as it pertains to bra fit and body confidence solutions for women.  She is a speaker and hosts private events around the country. 

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