Bra Care 101: How to Wash Your Bras

Bra care 101: how to wash your brasA recent article from the UK’s Daily Mail reported that on average, British women own 16 different bras at any given time. What’s more, the magazine stated that British women also buy at least 4 bras a year and will spend around $4,500 on lingerie alone in their lifetimes. If you assume that a typical bra retails at $35 dollars, that’s enough money to buy 128 bras—that’s quite a bra wardrobe. Even though a bra’s lifetime technically spans between 4 to 6 months, we’re sure that most women hold onto their trusted, favorite bras longer than that. To keep your bras in the best condition possible, we’re providing essential laundry tips specifically for lingerie.

Hand Wash is the Best Method

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bra whose care instructions don’t advise hand washing. Sure, bras are designed to be the foundation of your outfit (sturdy, dependable, and stylish!), but did you know that bras are commonly made with 30 different parts during the manufacturing stage? They are one of the most intricate garments that women use every day. So, if you can, hand wash your bras with delicate detergents only. If you do hand wash your bras, you probably notice how your straps won’t roll or fray and how your wings don’t shrink—these are damage issues that arise from being thrown in the washing machine.

Hang to Dry

When it comes to drying your bras, you’re going to want to avoid your clothes dryer too. Air drying your clean bras is the best way to ensure a continued proper fit. If you don’t have to space to hang them, lay out a towel and carefully lay your bras out to air dry. As long as your bras are not being subjected to the clothes dryer’s too-hot temperatures, you will find that your bras will hold their shape and remain in pristine condition longer.

Keep a Rotation

We all have a favorite bra that’s our go-to style and the first bra that gets pulled from our drawer. Even though it’s your best-fitting bra, you still should let it rest and resist the urge to wear it 4 days in a row. A smart shopping trick: buy your favorite bra style in an array of different colors and prints so you can easily change up your bra wardrobe and be confident about your fit. Sweat stains, stretched-out bands—you can avoid these lingerie issues by rotating evenly through your bra collection.

Treat your bras with the care they deserve—they work hard to keep you lifted and supported every day!

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