Bra Sizes Demystified: How to be Your At-Home Bra Fitter


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It’s been reported that 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra, and that many women go throughout life without ever visiting a professional bra fitter. We do think it’s very important that women know what bra size they should be wearing, which is why it’s our mission at Leading Lady to try and provide the best fit possible for an extended bra size range. We’re working on our own products, too, so your continued feedback and advice is much appreciated by our team!

So we’re going to share some tips today that will make you a better at-home bra fitter. We still advise getting professionally fitted (especially if you go through major body changes) but knowing and practicing these tips at home will help you space out department stores visits. Your intimates are the foundation to every outfit, and having a properly-fitted bra will make a world of a difference for your posture, clothes, and your self-confidence! Here are a few bra fit methods we want to pass on to you:

How you should measure yourself

First thing’s first—grab a flexible tape measure (trust us, it’ll be easier if you’re using one that easily wraps around your body) and stand in front of a mirror. You should be wearing a bra for your fitting, but ideally one without extra padding. It’s ok if you wear a molded cup bra, but you want your measurements to reflect your actual bust size.

For the first measurement, wrap the tape directly beneath your breasts and around your entire rib cage. You want to try and keep the tape parallel to the floor. Record this measurement—it’s your band size. Bra band sizes only come in even numbers, so if you find yourself with an odd-numbered measurement or a half-size, go up to the next even number. For example, if you’re 41 inches around, you’re going to want to try a 42 band bra for the best fit.

Your second measurement will determine what cup size you should wear. Wrap your measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts. You want to make sure that your fit is snug but not too tight. You want to make sure that your fit is snug but not too tight. If you land between whole numbers, round to the nearest whole number. Now that you have these two measurements, subtract your band size from your cup size. For example, if you’ve determined that you’re a 42 band and your bust measures 44.6 inches (rounded up to 45), you will have 3 leftover. The general cup scale is easy to follow: Starting with A=1, go up a cup size for every whole number. With our example, your 3 would equal a C cup. Which means that after your at-home bra fitting, you should be wearing a 42C bra. Whew! That wasn’t too hard!

What else can you do to make sure you’re wearing the best-fitting bra? Consider what kind of cup coverage suits your shape and style. If you like to wear lower necklines and have breasts that fill cups from the bottom-up, you might want to try a demi cup bra style. Full coverage cups work to keep your breasts centered on your chest while different leisure, softcup style bras will highlight your natural shape. Leisure bras will not mold your breasts into a round shape, so plan accordingly if you know that you have certain bra needs for outfits or events. Browse our Leading Lady full figure bra collection to find your favorite bra style and double-check your measurements with our handy Fit Calculator just to make sure you’re wearing the right bra size!


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