Bra Storage Solutions: Lingerie Chests, Hatboxes, and other Creative Creations

Feel like your current underwear drawer is a rigged, messy booby trap? Fear no more!

Bra storage solutions

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, closet space can be a hit or miss factor in your living layout. If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of closet space to spare. Between work blazers, going out dresses, skirts for all seasons, and button down shirts, my closet is crammed with outfits I rotate according to temperature. My one dresser fits all the t-shirts, tank tops, and sweaters a girl could possibly own with one spare drawer for pants. Truly, I do not have a lot of storage space for bras. And before I started buying bras I wanted to invest in, this did not bother me. I bought a three-tier storage caddy from Office Max that would normally hold files and shoved it in the back of my closet to hold intimates and bras. That worked until I began to accumulate a true bra wardrobe and needed more space to hold my bras and make sure they were stored correctly. Nothing’s worse than pulling out a bra with strange underwire bends and wrinkled cups from being shoved in a too-full drawer when you’re trying to get dressed for work.

So I scoured the internet and racked my brain for cute, inexpensive ways to better store bras for when you’re short on space. Of course, if I had the space, I would buy a lingerie chest so I had plenty of drawer space for all of my underthings and bras. A lingerie chest is not as wide as your typical dresser; it is taller and narrower and feature more drawers so you can sort your bras by lifestyle rather than have one jumbled bra drawer. If you have the extra space, I highly suggest looking for a lingerie chest online or you can even visit to your local thrift store. You might just unearth a distressed lingerie chest that needs a little TLC to make the perfect lingerie treasure trove.

Buying plastic, tiered storage bins is a great alternative to a lingerie chest if you’ve got less space and a smaller budget to work with. If I had dedicated more than one drawer to my own bras, I would have been more successful with keeping the frames and fabrics in good shape. You can decorate your bins or buy stackables in different colors to spruce up your closet. Just remember—don’t fold any of your bras with molded cups in half! You will compromise the shape of your bra.

You can visit your local craft shop and pick up a hatbox to make the perfect bra storage container. Hatboxes have a wider circumference than typical storage bins and make it easier to stack your bras length-wise without bending or crumpling the wings. And if you don’t have shelf space to spare, a hatbox comes with a lid so you can store it on the floor of your closet without worrying about dust bunnies and other lint issues getting into your bra cache.

If you’re feeling creative and have a collection of pretty bras, this option might appeal the most to you. Buy a length of clothesline and a pack of wooden clothespins from your local craft or dollar store. On a wall in your bedroom, hammer in two nails and string the length of clothesline between the two nails. Once that’s securely in place, clip your bras to the clothesline using the clothespins for a cute, vintage look that’s decorative and functional.

If you are fortunate enough to have hanger space in your closet, think about buying lingerie hangers and sectioning off a portion of your closet to house you lingerie wardrobe. Organize your bras by function—office, date night, work out, leisure—so you can easily flip through them without getting hooks tangled or cups knocked askew. For a twist on the clothesline suggestion, tie your clothesline around the pole in your closet so the clothesline hangs long enough to just barely touch the floor. Make sure that your clothespins can fit around the clothesline you choose with a little space left over. You can pin bras hanging vertically for up-and-down storage that’s space efficient and still shows you all your bras at once! For a similar storage idea, visit Artsy Architette’s DIY blog for a bra hanging tutorial here.

Do you have other, creative ideas for optimal bra storage? Let me know!

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