Candida: Leaky Gut Syndrome

At one point or another many women will suffer from the occasional yeast or vaginal bacterial infection. At most they will suffer from the normal itching, burning, abnormal vaginal discharge, and painful urination which will usually only last up to a week after being properly treated. While these side effects are mainly short-lived there are many women who suffer from reoccurring signs soon after treatment. Although most believe it is a similar health issue, and are often times treated again for their previous circumstance, the underlying incident could be something completely different. Despite the fact that many individuals suffer from the medical condition called Candidiasis, or widely known as Candida or the Leady Gut Syndrome, it affects numerous people which go untreated or take the proper steps to healing their bodies, seriously affecting their health and well-being.Woman standing next to and looking over chart with Doctor


Leaky Gut Syndrome is a fungal infection that can affect your body is such areas as your skin, mouth, blood, throat, and genitals. Candidiasis is a type of yeast infection that is caused by the overgrowth of the yeast, Candida, which is already present in the body but in small amounts in the mouth and the intestines. Candida helps regulate your body’s digestion process and it helps with nutrient absorption, but if there is a disturbance the yeast can become overpopulated and produce more than usual, which can be harmful to your body.

When your body is producing too much Candida you can experience many side effects such as bloating, poor memory, fatigue, brain fog, acne, sugar cravings, itchy eyes, reoccurring yeast infections, irregular periods, and frequent cold symptoms including headaches and the chills. Many times these symptoms are confused as something else and not properly diagnosed, which can in fact make the situation worse, especially with certain medications.

Candida, or Leaky Gut Syndrome, can occur for a number of reasons. The most common causes are antibiotics, stress, and consuming too much sugar in your diet. Candida feeds off sugar and refined foods. If you are eating foods high in sugar such as refined carbs, refined grains, alcohol, or other sugary snacks and experiencing fatigue and reoccurring bacterial infections it is almost safe to say you are most likely suffering from Leaky Gut. Stress is another factor that can alter your health and trigger an up rise in Candida growth. When your body is stressed it releases the Cortisol hormone, which raises your levels of blood sugar, and as stated before, Candida feeds on sugar. Another major cause is antibiotics because when you take antibiotics to get rid of an illness it usually kills all the bacteria in your gut, both good and bad. When this happens the Candida takes over and dominates the gut.

Stated above, we know Candida can be difficult to diagnose because of its like symptoms with many other health problems. Although Leaky Gut Syndrome symptoms may seem mild, they can become dangerous and in fact very harmful to the body. If Candida goes untreated it can weaken the immune system and get into the blood system which will then spread to other parts of the body and essentially damage the tissues and organs.


It’s important to know Leaky Gut Syndrome can be treated, but only with the proper tests. Ask your doctor specifically if Candida could be a possible attribute to your bad health. While there are lots of things you’ll need to change in your diet and daily routine to secure your immune health and gut flora, the healing processes isn’t difficult. You doctor will most likely tell you to cut out sugars for a while and take a daily probiotic. If you’re experiencing like symptoms of Candida contact your doctor right away.




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