Celebrating 2013’s Newest Word With Cute Babies

The following photographs appeared on Buzzfeed.com.

baby-selfie-close-upHello, world!

Welcome to the dictionary, “selfie”! The newly-minted noun was deemed the official new word of 2013 by the Oxford Dictionaries committee this week. A selfie is “a photograph baby-selfiethat one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website” and rules today’s social media landscape. You can’t visit Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter without stumbling across a selfie or two. Teenagers are typically the biggest selfie sharers, but celebrities, athletes, and even astronauts alike have shared their selfies with audiences across the globe. Cute babies are no exception!

To celebrate selfie’s inauguration into the English language, we’re sharing some accidentally hilarious Baby Selfies that appeared on the internet in March. This compilation proves that babies are born with a natural sense of humor. Enjoy the following cute baby selfies and maybe you can snap a couple of your own with your willing baby.


A real beach baby, this baby selfie captures the true meaning of vacation!


Grumpy baby selfie? Too bad he’s still a cutie pie.


This baby’s precious pout is sure to win over moms and dads everywhere!


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