Celebrity Babies: New Pumpkins Sprouting in Hollywood

While everyone is focused on the kiddos around Halloween, we’re keeping a lookout for the tiny new pumpkins in the Hollywood patch.  Here’s today’s report on celebrity babies:

Celebrity Babies:  New Pumpkins Sprouting in HollywoodBusinesswoman Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, owner of the New York Observer, welcomed their son Joseph Frederick on October 14.  Destined to be a mogul, Joseph is one lucky baby with such successful parents.  Plus he has sweet and adorable 2-year-old sister Arabella to show him the ropes.  Joseph’s middle name is a tribute to his parents’ paternal grandfathers, both named Frederick.  Check out Ivanka’s beautiful maternity photos in the current issue of Fit Pregnancy.

She plays a OBGYN on TV and now she can put her baby skills to work.  Private Practice star KaDee Strickland welcomed her first son Atticus with husband Jason Behr on October 17.  The at-home birth took place with the help of midwives and a doula.  Congrats KaDee and Jason!

As for new pumpkins in the oven, it’s all about reality…reality TV stars that is.

Kendra Wilkinson and former NFL player Hank Baskett announced last week that baby number 2 is on the way.  Her pregnancy and motherhood antics can be seen on her reality show Kendra, where she certainly keeps everything real!

Also expecting, Bachelorette alum Melissa Rycroft.  She and her husband will welcome a new baby this spring, joining 2-year-old sister Ava Grace.  The reality star took to Twitter and Facebook to let her fans know the good news. And yes, even celebrity moms get mommy brain as evidenced by Melissa mistakenly reporting her baby was due in the fall rather than the spring.

Everyone’s favorite 70’s spy, Mike Myers, and his wife Kelly Tisdale are awaiting their second bundle of joy, joining 2-year-old son Spike.  Mike shared his love of fatherhood with Deadline.com, “Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.”  What a sweet dad!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, we’re on a search for the most adorable celebrity babies in their costumes.  And the award for cutest celebrity family goes to…Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and their little ones, Harper and Gideon!  In fact, they win the family costumes award two years in a row for their 2012 Neverland theme and their 2013 Wonderland theme.  Keep up the creativity, dads!

Neil Patrick Harris Family Photo_Courtesy of celebritybabies.people.com and Neil Patrick HarrisNeil Patrick Harris Family Photo_Courtesy of celebritybabies.people.com and Neil Patrick Harris







Share pictures of your kids in their Halloween costumes with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  They are all celebrity babies to us!

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