Crafty in the Kitchen: Make Eating More Fun

Whether you’re tired of arguing with your kiddos at mealtimes about eating their food or you need to reinvigorate the lunches you bring to the office, getting crafty in the kitchen can make a big difference in the palatability of your food. Today we’re sharing ideas for making a splash with your meals just by the way in which they are served. Make eating more fun by trying these suggestions:

Crafty in the Kitchen: Make Eating More FunMiniaturize Everything

Casseroles, eggs, meatloaves and more can all become exciting again when you make miniature versions of them. Use a muffin tin to bake smaller portions of your meal. The food will take the shape of the cup and be adorably delicious when you pop it into your mouth.  It also makes your meal more portable so these miniature dishes are great for on-the-go snacks, picnics or dining in your cubicle.

Mason Jars

Salads, soups and parfaits have never been more appealing than when you toss them in a mason jar. This old-fashioned serving dish is now quite trendy and can make eating veggies and other healthy foods swankier.


Kabobs aren’t just for grilling meats and veggies. You can skewer everything from fruit salad to sandwiches. For a BLT, cut your bread, lettuce, tomato and bacon in small pieces and string them on the stick. Or try a caprese salad using basil, tomato and soft mozzarella cheese. For the kiddos, use toothpicks for smaller portions and easy-to-eat bites.

Add a Shell

When you can scoop food into a shell, whether it’s a pita chip scooper, filo dough, or a taco shell, everything tastes better. Pick the foods that are least desirable in your family and let everyone scoop them into a shell. The combo of the soft inside and the crunchy outside will make the experience more intriguing for sure.

Drink it Instead

We usually think of a meal as solid food but drinking in nutrients works the same for your body. Stop the mealtime drama by replacing a few meals a week with a smoothie. Be sure to get all of your food groups: fruits and veggies; protein from Greek yogurt, milk or nuts; and whole grains from flax, lentils, quinoa or chia seeds. Slurp up the goodness.

Change the Environment

Sometimes it’s less about the food and more about where you are eating it. At home, have a picnic on your porch, lawn or living room floor. At work, visit a co-worker’s office for lunch or sit outside. Changing the scenery may help make your food more appetizing.

We hope you and your family enjoy getting crafty in the kitchen with these ideas to make eating more fun.

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