Reset Your Metabolism – Part 2

Earlier this week we talked about dietary ways to reset your metabolism. Today we’re taking a look at what you can do beyond eating and drinking wholesomely to get that metabolism revved to help you maintain a healthy weight. It may be impossible defy biology, but you can work to reset your metabolism in many small ways that make a big difference.

Reset Your Metabolism – Part 2Exercise and your Metabolism

Movement is key to keeping your metabolism charged up and working hard for you. Having a regular exercise regime is great, as long as it is sustainable for your lifestyle. You may want to stick to one type of workout until you reach a goal, such as building up to running a 10K or swimming a mile. If you get bored easily try switching up your workouts daily.

Believe it or not, muscle building boosts your metabolism better than strictly cardio. That doesn’t mean you have to get bulky. Rather, build lean muscle that will increase your resting metabolic rate so you’ll burn more fat and calories at rest – what could be better?

Beyond regular exercise, get moving more in your day. Taking stairs, parking further away from stores and restaurants, stretching and standing while doing chores like laundry and cooking are all small ways you can burn calories and give your metabolism a kick.

Sleep and your Metabolism

Your body recharges when you sleep so it is essential to get your zzz’s every night. Different people have varying needs for sleep but at least 7 hours is recommended. When your body isn’t rested, you’ll be sluggish and your metabolism will suffer. Try making it cooler in your bedroom too, which can help store up good fat and reduce bad fat storage.

Lighten the Mood for a Better Metabolism

Being happier and smiling more increases the amount of energy you use.  This also helps your emotional state and promotes wellness. Enjoying hobbies, spending time with friends, reading, relaxing and traveling are all great ways to increase the happy and encourage more smiles, all in the name of your metabolism.

Keep Track of your Health

Reaching a healthy weight is only helpful if you can maintain it. That’s why working to reset your metabolism is so important. Have a checks and balances system in place to ensure you don’t stray too far from your goals. It’s OK to take a day off exercise or indulge in your favorite not-so-healthy treats now and then, but long term abuse of your hard work can have negative effects on your body and your metabolism. Ways to keep yourself on track are maintaining a food and exercise journal, evaluating which bad habits you’ve let slip back into your life, and identifying a max weight that will trigger you to ramp up your healthy habits again.

Small steps over time make a big difference when you want to reset your metabolism. Implement several strategies to help create the healthiest you!

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