Reset your Metabolism – Part 1

Reset your Metabolism - Part 1We’re all about being healthy for the simple sake of being healthy. More than a number on a scale or a size on a dress, being healthy makes you look and feel great. Your metabolism is a big part of your health. It’s a complicated mechanism, but in a nutshell it the complex process of breaking down food into energy and it is intertwined with every function of the human body. This week we’re exploring ways to reset your metabolism to help you be the healthiest you possible.

Is it Possible to Reset Your Metabolism?

Dropping some weight to remain healthy is a good thing, but weight loss doesn’t necessarily reset your metabolism. This is evidenced by the fact that keeping the weight off is often harder than losing it in the first place. Experts believe that you probably cannot truly reset your metabolism completely, but there are some strategies for keeping your metabolism revved to work with your weight loss and weight maintenance goals.

Women vs. Men

In general, women have it worse than men when it comes to weight loss and a high metabolism. We’re biologically hard-wired to have a lower resting metabolic rate – that’s how much food we burn for energy while at rest – than men. Plus, our bodies are designed to store more fat, while men use more food for energy immediately. Therefore, losing weight and keeping it off is usually harder for women than men. Still, it’s possible.

Diet and Your Metabolism

Of course your diet is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism. The goal is to eat a wholesome diet rich in lean proteins, fruits & veggies, low-fat dairy and whole grains while avoiding high fat foods, extra sugar, too many carbs and excessive alcohol. Keep these dietary tips in mind when you’re preparing meals to reset your metabolism:

  • Don’t skip meals and eat enough food. Food is how your metabolism gets amped up in the first place so if you don’t eat, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice. Your body will begin storing anything it can get as fat, rather than burning it for energy. Breakfast is especially important because you have fasted all night and need to supercharge that metabolism each morning so it’s ready to face the day.
  • Some easy-to-eat foods that boost your metabolism include nuts, spinach, avocado, cottage cheese, blueberries, salmon, legumes, lentils, chicken, oatmeal and quinoa, among many others.
  • Aim for at least 25 grams of fiber to counteract weight gain. It makes you feel full for longer because it takes more time to digest.
  • Include protein in every meal and snack because it keeps your metabolism charged for longer.
  • Iron, Vitamin D and Calcium are all essential to boosting your metabolism. Women have a harder time maintaining proper levels of these nutrients so be sure to get them in your diet. They also help you absorb other nutrients in your food, creating a healthier overall system.
  • Eat organic when possible because some food pesticides can introduce toxins that burden your body and slow the metabolism. Plus, chemicals can reduce your ability to absorb nutrients from your diet.
  • Use spices in your cooking. They may only increase your metabolic rate slightly but over time they can make a difference.
  • Drink cold water, which can burn up to 50 more calories daily than room temperature water.
  • Caffeinated beverages are stimulants that can ramp your metabolism quickly.
  • Drink superfood teas like Green Tea or Moringa Tea. They are bursting with nutrients that can elevate your metabolic rate and give you tons more energy.

Later this week we’ll examine non-dietary ways to reset your metabolism. Stay tuned for more healthy tips!

Sources: Women’s Health, Prevention, Eat This Not That and Body Building

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