Curvy Fashion Rules Over Plus Size and Full Figured

Listen up, Leading Ladies! The polls are in—more women that wear sizes 14 and up chose to be described as “curvy” rather than “plus size” or “full figure,” some of the more popular recent size terms for the larger woman’s clothing market. In a recent study conducted by, 28% of women polled chose “curvy” as their first pick, but “plus size” and “full figure” were not too far behind and tied for second place—each term earned 25% in the poll. Sure, “curvy” is just edging ahead of the other two names, but “plus size” is losing the popularity it once had, and we think “curvy” is a great replacement and a  healthy indicator of how women today embrace their bodies!

A quick look around popular culture—from larger glam models on the runways of New York Fashion Week to Melissa McCarthy’s new October Elle cover—shows us that curvier women are an important, vital part of what’s trending across television, movies, fashion, and music.


 Leading Lady applauds curves of all shapes and sizes, which is we offer bras in sizes starting at 38A and up to 52H.

Does “curvy” have the staying power to replace “plus size” and “full figure”? We at Leading Lady think so! Celebrating a woman’s body for her shape rather than her waist size will promote increased usage of terms like “curvy” rather than “plus size.” But our main concern is making sure that all kinds of curves fit into our stylish, comfortable bras. Because with so many opportunities to be glamorous, who wants to rock the wrong bra size?


Leading Lady helps every woman with larger band sizes and breasts to find her perfect fit, because we know that all outfits begin with what’s underneath. If you’re not comfortable with your first layer then how can you pull off even the most cutting-edge outfits? We recommend paying close attention to your body’s size fluctuations, because the survey revealed that 69% of full figured women have differently sized clothes in her closet to accommodate weight gain and loss.

Remember that your weight changes affect your bra size too! To get the best reading on your curves at any given time, pull out your tape measure and plug your measurements into our bra size calculator to make sure you’re bra is going to give you the best, most supportive fit. If you’ve got curves, you’ve got to make sure you take care to make them look their best! Signs of an ill-fitting bra include spilling out on the top or sides. You should make sure that your bra is fastened on the loosest band setting and that you can fit at least two fingers under the wings for a proper band fit.

Visit to stay up-to-date on new styles that will take any bigger busted fashionista from office appropriate (shop our Molded Padded Underwire here) to date night ready (try our Scalloped Lace Underwire Bra here…it doesn’t disappoint!).

Cheers to bras that hug all curves in just the right way, either big or small!

Happy shopping, Leading Ladies.

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