Cut the Clutter: De-Clutter Tips for Fall

It’s not just springtime when cleaning and organizing your home is a “thing.” At the beginning of every new season is a great time to evaluate your home, discard items you no longer need and find ways to better organize your stuff. There are a variety of tactics for de-cluttering. Today we’ll review some tips to get you started and cut the clutter.

First, let’s tackle the obvious. Cleaning and organizing are not fun for most people. Unless you are one of the rare few, your interest level and packed schedule prevent you from organizing your home and are why things have gotten cluttered in the first place. The key to being committed to cutting the clutter is taking it slow not feeling overwhelmed by it all. Focus on small projects that you can accomplish individually. Maybe it’s one drawer or one bookshelf at a time. Make goals, such as spending 5 minutes a day organizing something or giving away one unneeded item every day. Baby steps will help you feel good about your progress and not feel defeated by the massiveness of cleaning out your entire home.

Now that we squared that away, check out these ways to cut the clutter this fall:

The Family’s Space

Cut the Clutter: De-Clutter Tips for FallYou probably do most of your entertaining in your living room or family room, but that’s where your family probably hangs out together too. Limit the number of kids toys in your family room to what will fit in one basket and keep it in the corner. When guests come over you can easily carry it away if necessary. Keep all electronics in a designated media cabinet and have a tray for magazines and books that can be thinned out every few weeks. Make a point to clear this space each night, putting decorative pillows and blankets back in place and picking up miscellaneous objects that have been left about. You’ll feel great entering this de-cluttered room the next morning.


Your peaceful resting haven should not feel like a cluttered mess. Make extra storage under your bed with easily accessible rolling drawers. Keep your shoes organized by hanging a shoe rack or creating one on your wall. Spend some time shuffling through your wardrobe and discard clothes you haven’t worn in years. Yes, some things may come back in style but waiting years for that is just cluttering your closet. Keep your nightstand clutter-free too with a box or basket where you can keep your essentials like a book, flashlight, lip balm and sleep mask.


Even with the best intentions, half-organized drawers can become junk drawers in no time flat. Use drawer organizers or dividers to keep things neat and tidy. If you run out of space in drawers, such as in your kitchen, use creative pots, vases and pitchers to store cooking utensils on countertops. They’ll be easy to grab that way too.


If you’re constantly moving from room-to-room to do work, create a mobile office using a cart with wheels. Set up your supplies and computer and drag your office wherever you need to be in the house.

The Kids Stuff

Kids these days have a lot of toys and some chachkies they just can’t let go. While you don’t want to hide the toys away so no one can play with them, you do want to contain the clutter. Shelves with baskets are a great way to organize kids’ belongings. Print pictures of what is in each bin so your children know where to find what they want.

The Back Door

Many families find the back door area collects all the junk you need to set down as soon as you walk inside. Keep this area organized with shoe bins, hanging hooks for sweatshirts and backpacks, and a seasonal basket where you keep items like hats, gloves, sunscreen, etc… You can also create a “junk bin” for each person in your family where they can throw their stuff temporarily and then sort and put it away later.

We hope you find these de-clutter tips for fall to be useful to cut the clutter in your home this season.

Sources: Martha Stewart and Real Simple


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