Fashion Bags for Moms

Fashion Bags for MomsRaise your hand if this is you: you’re a mom now (horary!) and you have a lot of “stuff” (like, A LOT of stuff) to carry around but you still have the same burning desire to be trendy, fashionable and feel somewhat put together (despite the spit-up on your shoulder and cracked skin on your hands from washing them incessantly). Good news! There are tons of fashion bags for moms like you with a passion for style that can keep up with your new mommy lifestyle.

Canvas Messenger Bag

If you like wearing your bag across your body, this style is for you. Now available in tons of colors and prints, canvas messenger bags can be a lifesaver when your hands are full and you just can’t deal with your bag slipping off your shoulder. Plus they tend to be big so you can get all your goods packed in nicely. Messenger bags can range from sophisticated and chic, to sassy and cute so pick the style that best matches your personality.

Big Sleek Leather Tote

A big leather tote bag is both fashionable and functional. There’s plenty of space for all of your baby and mommy supplies on the inside while the outside is runway ready. From designer to discount, you can find variations of this bag almost anywhere fashion purses are sold.

Stylish Backpack

Disperse the weight of all that “stuff” across your shoulders and back for an easy, hands-free way to get around. If you tend to wear your baby in the front or carry your baby often, having a stylish backpack rather than a cross-body or side bag can be helpful. Not only for students, backpacks come in many styles and materials including leather, nylon and canvas.

Nylon Purse

A trendy nylon purse is virtually weightless so you’re not adding any poundage to your bag before you even stuff it. Moms know that every ounce counts when you’re lugging around baby supplies. Plus a nylon purse is easy to wipe down when life’s spills happen – and they will happen.

Fashion Pocket Bag

Pockets are amazing when you’re a mom. You’ll want pockets for everything so the more the better. Outer pockets are great for sippy cups, water bottles, burp clothes, nursing covers and baby toys. Inner pockets can hold valuables, diapering supplies, your wallet and phone. Having lots of pockets inside and outside your bag is both helpful and trendy.

Tips for Buying Fashion Bags for Moms

  • Wipe-able fabrics are nice and smart; Washable bags are fabulous and brilliant.
  • We tote-ally (sorry, couldn’t resist) get your compulsion for designer bags (seriously, we do!) but just remember that this bag could get ruined pretty quickly. By all means, buy it if you love it but don’t get depressed if it has a short lifespan.
  • So you love a bag that doesn’t have enough pockets and compartments? Insert a bag organizer to help you find your stuff more easily.
  • A hot pink super feminine bag may be your jam but consider the times when you may need your hubs to hold it or worse use it to change the baby’s diaper. He may appreciate something a little more subtle.
  • Similarly, your baby might love a fun ducky printed bag but when you step out without the babe and don’t have time to change your purse, you’re stuck with the ducks.
  • Bags with short and long handles offer more wearing options.

What type of fashion bags for moms do you love?

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