Hilarious Pregnancy Moments

Hilarious Pregnancy MomentsPregnancy is such a sacred time in your life…and it can also be downright LOL funny! From the adorable things that siblings and husbands do and say, to the hormone-induced mistakes moms-to-be make, you’ve probably experienced an amusing or comical situation (or two or three) during your pregnancy. We asked our Facebook fans to share some of their hilarious pregnancy moments and we have to admit, they are side-splitting.

Check out these hilarious pregnancy moments from our Leading Lady fans:

“My son, who is 3, has been trying to understand about the baby in my belly. He coughed the other day while laying next to my stomach and told me, “Oh no mommy! Now the baby is going to get sick!” It was funny and sweet all at once!”  -Aley

“I used the opposite side of the blade on the knife to cut a cooked chicken breast and was wondering why I was so exhausted cutting it halfway through until my husband cut in and caught me holding the knife upside down lol”  -Dori

“At the end of my last pregnancy my boobs leaked a little and I was so fascinated. I showed my husband who was more :-~ than :-)”  -Jennifer

“My 3 year old thinks that if she does more chores around the house that the baby will be a boy! She has been keeping my house clean!”  -Katelyn

“With my oldest I wore two different shoes to work because I could not see my feet.”  –Rebekah

“My most hilarious pregnancy moment was being pregnant during summer and cutting my waist length hair up to my ears because I was hot…lol! Yes, I can laugh about it now but I cried then!”  -Phyllis

“My brain stops working completely. I have forgotten what the dryer, and washing machine are called, and other every day, super easy things. The funny part is when I’m trying to explain what I’m talking about. “you know that this with the clothes that spins around and around” lol”   -Jenn

“One time I was watching AFV and a baby was eating spaghetti.  The poor baby sneezed and the noodle came out from his nose…I started to laughed and then cry my eyes out….my 7 year old daughter looked at me and asked: why are you crying mom? I said…Oh because is so funny….and so sad….buuuaaaaaaaa!!!!! I cried for like 15min after…because the poor baby had a noodle on his nose….crazy prego hormones!!!”  -Magali

“My hilarious moment so far with the pregnancy was when my husband wanted to cuddle me and the baby kept on moving inside my tummy which made him uncomfortable and scared and just move away from me.”  –Afsha

“I stood in front of those new fancy soda machines and couldn’t figure out how to get water out. Never mind the big blinking ‘Push’ sign right in front of me. I had already gotten ice and after staring for way too long tried to get water the same way I got ice (I even jumped- I surprised myself with ice coming out and not water). It was not a proud moment.”  –Julie

“I cried because my husbands game World of Warcraft was “so pretty”  -Kumari

“Towards the end of my last pregnancy, around 38 weeks and huge, I dropped a glass of water in the kitchen and yelled to my hubby that my water had broke. He was not nearly as amused as I was.”  –Staci

“It’s not super funny but I have to try and laugh about it. I’m only about 11 weeks but next youngest is 9 months. I’ve had to ask my mom to help change his diapers when the nausea is super bad after throwing up from the smell.”  –Ashley

“My daughter felt my son kick for the first time recently (my third baby, second boy, is due in August) and said, “Mommy, your belly is grumbling. Do you need a snack?” Lol”  -Christine

“With my previous pregnancy I was pretty much around my due date and my oldest asked me to change the batteries on one of his toys. So I took a battery and put in on my lap. The battery fell in between my legs and all of a sudden I hear a hissing sound and my thighs all wet. Thought my water broke but the battery burst. Scary at first but funny after.  This pregnancy my oldest went to the sonogram with me all excited to see the baby. He walked into hospital all ready to see the baby. Little did he know (he’s only 3) that baby was on a computer. The tech put the baby on screen and he was like “what is this a cockroach! It’s a cockroach! Where’s the baby!”  We burst out laughing lol”  -Marianna

“My 2yr old thinks that the exercise ball can only be used by me (to sit on or put my feet up) so when my husband uses it she takes it from under his feet and rolls it to me. She then proceeds to ask if the baby is sleeping or “mooooving.”  -Hannah

“Forgot my own name and address at the office. Took a few to remember I felt like a fool. My mind is just literally racing.”  –Mary

“I had a very rough pregnancy but for me the funniest part is that I constantly forget what things are called or words I’m trying to say. So trying to explain what I want to say can get funny.”  –Jenifer

“April fools day this year I asked my husband’s mom to go tell him that my water broke. He ran so fast I’m not sure he even touched the ground. When he got to the house where he could see me I was standing there trying very hard to not pee myself laughing. He said that wasn’t funny. Everyone else laughed!”  -Debbie

“My husband and I were blessed to find out that we are expecting a little boy. I was told for 18 years that it would be impossible for me to conceive. Well Baby Azariah is very active. Last week we had our funny moment. I kept feeling weird sensations around my belly button. After hours I figured it out. He had shifted around and was shoving his butt against my belly button. Well the chronic pain disorder that I have was causing muscle spasms and just as he shoved his butt out my stomach muscles spasmed and locked his little butt in place. He started wiggling trying to get his butt loose. I could feel him squirming around, arms and legs going so fast as he tried to get loose. I can only imagine what he was thinking. It was the funniest thing to watch his butt poking out.”  –Chelsy

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