Fertility Calendar: More Women Are Getting Pregnant In December

If you’re currently keeping a fertility calendar, look to December as the month where most women get pregnant!

pregnant-woman-sanaakosirickyleAccording to the U.S. census, most babies are born in July (with August being the second most popular birth month), which indicates that many women get pregnant during the coldest months in the Northern hemisphere—October, November, and December. This pregnancy trend could be influenced by seasonal advantages not found in warmer months. Talk about a cold-inclined fertility calendar!

For couples that live in colder climates, winter draws people together and typically keeps them at home more. Holidays also mean more time off from work and extra quality time for couples.

Parenting.com claims that cooler weather is healthier for sperm production, which could explain why women have an easier time getting pregnant in the winter.

Whether it’s coincidence, old wives’ tales, or scientific reasoning—if you’re trying to get pregnant, take advantage of the season! You never know: a pregnancy could be the greatest unexpected gift of the season for you and your partner.

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