First-Ever Event to Celebrate Breastfeeding & Toxin-Free Living in Raising Healthy Children

Leading Lady is thrilled to be a presenting sponsor of the first ever celebrity breast feeding and toxin-free living  event hosted by Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston and Laila Ali.
This Saturday, I’ll be fitting Hollywood’s Leading Ladies with our fabulous nursing bras to help raise awareness of Best for Babes, Healthy Child, Healthy World and the pivotal role breast feeding plays in raising healthy children.Check out more information on the event below!

Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston & Laila Ali Host First-Ever Event to Celebrate Breastfeeding & Toxin-Free Living in Raising Healthy Children

April 14, 2012, Hollywood, CA

On April 14, 2012, actresses Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston & former boxer Laila Ali, in partnership with non-profits Best for Babes and Healthy Child Healthy World, will host the first celebrity-driven event to raise awareness of the pivotal role that both breastfeeding and toxin-free living play in raising healthy children. “Education and awareness are the first steps. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, and every action counts,” said hostess Jenna Elfman.

Presented by Leading Lady & Ameda, two companies that have supported breastfeeding moms for 70 years, the event is the first to introduce the breastfeeding cause and Best for Babes to expecting and new celebrity moms and Hollywood influencers. Best for Babes is the only mainstream nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of and removing the barriers (The Breastfeeding Booby Traps™) that keep millions of mothers in the U.S. from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals. Together with Healthy Child Healthy World, which has successfully partnered with high profile stars to teach parents around the globe how to protect children from environmental toxins, Best for Babes, Jenna, Kelly and Laila hope that this event will encourage Hollywood to lend its reach and influence to the breastfeeding and toxin-free causes. Hollywood has been instrumental in raising awareness and bringing about change for many pressing health issues, from AIDS to Parkinson’s to breast cancer.

“Best for Babes is exceptionally grateful to Jenna, Kelly and Laila, and their outstanding event planning team for this opportunity to inspire and educate the influential Hollywood community,” said Bettina Forbes and Danielle Rigg of Best for Babes. “We thankfully acknowledge the leadership and support provided by Healthy Child Healthy World in mentoring Best for Babes, and we applaud them for their mission of empowering parents to protect children from harmful chemicals. Special thanks to Presenting Sponsors Leading Lady & Ameda, as well as our Leading and Contributing Sponsors, for making this event possible and for funding a new Best for Babes initiative to help moms and babies. Three cheers to top party planner The Party Goddess for bestowing her magic upon the event, and to all those who contributed to making it possible!”

The event, an afternoon tea, will be held on April 14th at the beautiful Hollywood home of actress and gracious hostess Jenna Elfman who is known for her impeccable style. Hostesses Jenna, Kelly and Laila and the event team have attended to every detail to deliver an experience that is as elegant as it is intimate, and as informative as it is inspiring. French Chef Ludo Lefebvre (Awarded Mobil 5-star, star of Top Chef Masters and Ludo Bites America) will demonstrate healthy snacks for moms and babies. Guests will have the opportunity to explore and learn about the best breastfeeding and non-toxic living practices, information and products through display stations located throughout the home. Topics include getting a good breastfeeding start, sustainable and toxin-free nursery furniture, managing milk supply, baby-wearing and gear for on-the-go, using natural cleaning products, natural and organic body care for babies and moms, natural diapering, and organic and healthy nutrition. Some of the host’s favorite breastfeeding & non-toxic products will be displayed.



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