Five Fall Fitness Ideas

Fall is a terrific time to switch up your fitness routine. The cooler weather and beautiful foliage makes outdoor exercise ideal in fall.  Take advantage of the season by switching up your workouts with these five fall fitness ideas:


Five Fall Fitness IdeasGet your legs in gear with a walking, jogging and running routine. If you’re a beginner, start with walking and slowly incorporate intervals of jogging. As you progress, your workouts can consist of mostly jogging and some running sprints to boost your heart rate for maximum metabolic benefits. Many races ranging from charitable 5Ks to marathons resume in the spring. Select a race to be your goal and start training now. In six months time you’ll be ready to show off your hard work on race day.


Cycling is a great way to take in the sights, scents and sounds of fall. If you don’t have a bike of your own, borrow one from a friend or rent one until you’re ready to buy. Take your bike to a lush area to enjoy the scenery or drive to the mountains for a more strenuous cycling experience.


Chances are your kids are enjoying the cooler weather now too so spend some family time playing for exercise. Ideas include a neighborhood game of soccer, rollerblading, raking leaves and jumping into the piles, setting up an obstacle course in your yard or simply playing chase or tag. When you hit park playgrounds this fall, use the equipment to do calisthenics, strength-building with your own body weight and stretching. Standing pushups, stair squats and lunges, planks, and crossing the monkey bars are all great ways to get in a quick workout while hanging around with the kiddos on the playground.

Boot Camp

Now that the kids are back in school, you can get back to your morning boot camp. This type of hard core workout is fantastic just before the holiday season to get your metabolism revved and keep your stress level in check. Boot camps are great because the social aspect and group trainer will keep you motivated to work hard. Plus you’ll be changing activities frequently so you won’t get bored with your workout.


Fall hiking is a great seasonal fitness choice. Spend time marking hiking areas on a map and make a goal to visit each of them at least once this season. Different hiking spots offer unique benefits because some will be hillier, some more colorful and some will have added features like waterfalls. Bring along friends and pack a picnic lunch to make your hiking experience a fun-filled day trip.

Enjoy the season and get in shape with our fall fitness ideas!

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