Flower Crafts for Mother’s Day

Flowers are the traditional Mother’s Day present and practically every mother loves receiving them.  But better than a bouquet of live flowers that will eventually wilt is a homemade bouquet.  Flower crafts for Mother’s Day can be fun for the whole family and the perfect gift to give to mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and friends.  Today we’re sharing several creative ways to present mom with a beautiful bouquet using these flower crafts for Mother’s Day.

Paper Plate Flowers:  Decorate plain white or colored paper plates to look like the face of a flower.  You can cut the edges to make any floral shape you desire, from tulips, to daises to pansies.  Layer plates of various sizes for a more dynamic look.

Egg Carton Flowers:  Cardboard egg cartons are great for making flowers. You can cut out each egg cup individually or cut four out together.  Decorate the insides with paint, markers, glitter and other fun materials.

origami flowersOrigami Flowers:  For the more talented florists out there, research the art of origami flowers.  Spend time following the directions to create a polished bouquet for mom.

Tissue Paper Flowers:  Using 3 sheets of colorful tissue paper, alternate folds back and forth and then clip the middle with a paperclip, tape or a pipe cleaner.  Gently peel back the tissue paper layers to create bold, bright and beautiful flowers.  Cut the edges as desired.

Handprint Flowers:  Little hands and fingers make natural flower petals and a terrific keepsake flower craft for Mother’s Day.  Dip hands into colorful paint and have a blast making handprint flowers on canvas or cardstock.  Alternatively, trace your hands and cut them out.  Then overlap the cutouts and glue them to paper to make a fabulous bouquet.

Pipe-cleaner Flowers:  Pipe-cleaners are a fun and bendy craft material that is easy for even little hands to manipulate.  Make loops out of the pipe-cleaners to form the shape of flower petals and leaves.

Sponge Flowers:  Sponges can be used to make flower crafts for Mother’s Day in two ways. First you can cut colorful sponges to be the flowers themselves.  Or you can use a flower-shaped sponge as a stamp.  Coat it with paint and make a stunning floral-scape on paper or canvas.

Ribbon Flowers:  Using a variety of colors, textures and widths of ribbon can make a unique bouquet.  Simply cut strips of ribbon and create loops for each petal.  Then glue your petals to a stem.

Cupcake Wrapper Flowers:  Cupcake wrappers work nicely for flowers because they are already in a floral shape, more or less.  You can color the insides and use buttons to be the center of the flower.  If the natural crinkle of the wrapper isn’t enough “umph” for you, try cutting each fold to create more dimensions.

Once you’ve fashioned your gorgeous flowers, you can use a variety of materials to create stems including popsicle sticks, pipe-cleaners, toilet paper rolls, straws or other craft sticks.  You can place your bouquet in a vase or pot, or group them together to hand over as a Mother’s Day gift.  Alternatively you can glue them to paper for a festive and bright Mother’s Day keepsake picture.

We hope your family has fun with these flower crafts for Mother’s Day!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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