Full Figure Fashion: 6 Sweater Trends to Try This Fall

When the cooler weather arrives, it’s time to bust out the sweaters. After surviving the summer heat and wearing out your short sleeves, a cozy sweater probably feels really good right about now. In today’s full figure fashion report, we’re here to help you look good in your sweaters too with sweater trends to try this fall.

Full Figure Fashion: 6 Sweater Trends to Try This FallSweater Trend #1: Texture

Most sweaters have texture by nature since they are made with heavier materials but we’re talking about adding even more texture with a fashionable cable knit design. Large or small, these patterns can take an ordinary sweater and make it spectacular.  It’s especially trendy this fall in cream. Alternatively, go for a fringed sweater that will lengthen your look and offer some dynamic movement when your strut your stuff.

Sweater Trend #2:  Off the Shoulder

The off the shoulder look is popular this season and you can extend it to full figure fashion sweaters too. There are several ways to take this trend: a double off the shoulder sweater; a cut out shoulder with shoulder straps and sleeves; or a large neck hole that naturally falls off one shoulder. Any way you slice it, an off the shoulder sweater is a swanky choice this fall.

Sweater Trend #3: Ski Sweaters

Even if you’re not hitting the slopes, a ski design is seasonally appropriate and festive. These oversized, chunky sweaters are particularly warm and can add a pop of design to your outfit.

Sweater Trend #4: Boyfriend Cardigans

Long v-neck cardigans are fabulous for many occasions. They can help you layer up to dress for cooler mornings and warmer afternoons, and they pair nicely with skirts, pants, jeans and dresses. When you pick a neutral color it can be your go-to sweater for the fall.

Sweater Trend #5: Color Blocking

Color blocking with fall hues makes a classy sweater with clean lines for casual or dressy events. Make sure your color blocked sweater’s lines hit you in flattering places to compliment your silhouette. Diagonal lines are interesting and help elongate your look if you’re on the shorter side. Pair color blocking with solid bottoms to keep the focus on your fabulous sweater.

Sweater Trend #6: Crop

Short sweaters are on trend for fall 2016. Look for lengths that hit right at your waistline to meet up with your pants or skirts. Also try a tucked-in camisole underneath when you want to ensure you’re not showing too much skin. This trend can be fun with a bold sleeve or a large turtle neck.

We hope you stay cozy and fashionable in these sweater trends to try this fall!

Sources: Fashion Gum and Fashionisers

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